black man stress2 Recession Depression is Real!

I promise on everything I know, love and own, when I saw this article I had to share. African-Americans are so reluctant talk when things are challenging. I’m not talking about seeking Pookey and nem’s advice. I’m talking about speaking to trained physicians and counselors who are skilled in helping tweek your perception a little.

Especially now. We were taught that there were choices that we could make that would ensure vitality and prosperity. We were told to invest in property and build portfolios. But the game has changed. Even Donald Trump’s project in Midtown Atlanta was on the auction block.

It’s not our fault. Before it was lucrative to own property but now with tenants losing jobs and income, those assets are now liabilities. And there are no winners. The tenant and landlord are equally hit. So instead of making ourselves sick with worry and grief or take it out on loved ones,  it’s time to think a new strategy of how to Get It. But we can’t get there until we change our perspective, get a little faith, and get that load off your chest.

The folk in the suburbs call it, “restructuring”.  So let’s do it.

Read Black Enterprise Article

moniebannertop Recession Depression is Real!

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