trey songz Trey Songz speaks on Chris Breezy, Lauren London & moreTrey Songz called Ryan Cameron & Elle Duncan live to clear up the relationship rumors with Lauren London, Chris Brown’s fist full of tears at the BET Awards and more.  If you missed it, check it out now!!

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  1. o'na says:

    trey songz dint not sound good at the awardds 10′ sorry!!

    1. Erika Love says:

      I agree

  2. LouisianaBelle says:

    Why do you all LIE to Trey?!!! Those awards were NOT about Trey. In fact, alot of ppl think he SUCKED & ppl think (from Prince’s facial expression) Prince didnt enjoy the Trey’s “Purple Rain.

    Stop kissing but+ & get to the FACTS & the TRUTH

  3. Jalisa says:

    Trey Songs and Lauren London wud make a cute a** couple 2 bad da rumors arent true.

    1. dymond says:

      da rumors are true his bro said it

  4. K says:

    well he actually didnt sound that bad, from listen to this on my head phones,
    he missed up like 3-4 times, and u cant really tell if prince didnt like it, 1 they only showed prince one time, 2 they showed prince at the begining, not when he actually started to do it, and he only did one verse from the song purple rain the only reason he did that is the yo side of the bed had the same tempo as purple rain, when i saw it on tv it sounded like shit but when i saw it on here it didnt sound that bad

  5. Thomanisha says:

    Well trey songz is so amazing he also did really good at the awards in my point of view and i love him

  6. tiffany says:

    im startin to think maybe he is gay callin dudes “baby”.

  7. little sexy says:

    lauren don’t have a chance in hell trey fine but he be smashing these women left and right. lauren calls herself abstience after the lil wayne, diddy, and t.i. drama. she lost cool points with this hoodrat mess, she knew about waynes other ladies. trey probably just smashing her.

    1. keonna says:

      no you just wrong yes trey song fine as hell but so is lauren london she is pretty you just madd that you is probably ugly

  8. Chanel Battle says:

    Trey Sounded very good to me at the awards back in June. I think he`s a great entertainer, today, you don`t have that many great artist out there, but Trey, you did a wonderful job and I know that your mom was proud of you, and for the record about Trey`s little bro, that wasn`t Forrest at all talking bout him and Lauren. Trey said that his brother doesn`t even have that account, so none of it bout them two are true. They are JUST FRIENDS!

  9. baby k says:

    no. treysongz and keri hillson make a cute couple. ill say ciara but she’s way too much for him. but he downgraded goin out with lauren. he can do way better

    1. keonna says:

      you must dont know what cute is either cause lauren london is pretty

  10. seanna sings says:

    omg ! please stop hating on trey whether he sound good at the awards or not , he still doing something that y’all aren’t.. (hint being successful ) while y’all waisting time worrying about his life ups and down he’s wiping his a** with white people … so never the less trey on his grind he did his thing an continuing to strive for excellence ❤ one && only

  11. Nikki says:

    Whassup trey songz i love u soo muchh holla at me peace

  12. kymesha says:

    i think trey songs ‘n’ laurie look cute 2getha

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