drdredrdre4545356 Last.fm Trends: New Dr. Dre Tracks Ignites Fanbase

A second track has emerged from the dark recesses of Dr. Dre‘s studio. “Turn Me On” could be the second preview of the long-delayed Detox, Dre’s follow up to 1999’s 2001, but with no specifics about the album’s future fans are just as in the dark as when Jay-Z collaboration “Under Pressure” dropped in June.

It’s jolted listeners back into playing the rapper’s hits though. Last.fm Trends take a look at your top ten to see you haven’t forgotten about Dre.

screen shot 2010 08 18 at 10 38 57 Last.fm Trends: New Dr. Dre Tracks Ignites FanbaseLike a lot of Dre’s hits it’s the featured artists that come to the fore in his Top Ten. From guests Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Nate Dogg all come up a few times, pepper the takes with a lot of styles.

Bang Bang” and “Let’s Get High” both feature 2001 regular Hittman, while Marshall Mathers crops up on “Forgot About Dre” and “The Watcher“, paying lip service to the mentor who guided him up from Detroit.

On top though it’s laid-back classic “Still D.R.E.“, which has gained 808,068 scrobbles from 250,407 listeners, some 6,000 of whom have played it every week since “Under Pressure” dropped.

For the latest news in what’s hot on your playlist check out Last.fm Trends every weekday. it’s all based on the music you play, so to find out how to make your music count go to Last.fm now.


    DRE, when can i start taking classes with the MASTER!!!! dont need to say much here…. u in a brothers heart 4DREer… when touched, it says platium…. can u come and touch my equiptment…lol… i need a good beat machine or some good sounds from the library… hint hint… need the headphones too. for starters… cant wait to get back on my feet…. hell i might start back drinking DR. PEPPER then… i need it in my life… never stop the music…. straight love UNCLE… one…

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