bj bernstein 4 Lawsuits Against Bishop Eddie Long Latest Info!

Late Friday afternoon a fourth man joined three others who are filing lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on charges of sexual coercion.  Click more for the latest info on the case

The fourth plaintiff is identified as 22 yr old Spencer LeGrande who says he first met Bishop Long when he was 15 and he attended a sermon Long preached at his satellite church in Charlotte, N.C. For the first time LeGrande tells of Bishop Long allegedly giving him a sleeping pill before their first sexual encounter. Here is the latest on this breaking info from the

Once again, Atlanta Attorney B.J. Bernstein is representing LeGrande and filed his lawsuit today.  Earlier in the week when the first two lawsuits were filed on behalf of Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, Bernstein spoke with the Frank and Wanda morning show on our sister station V-103.

On Wednesday afternoon a third lawsuit was filed against Bishop Long by Jamal Parris. You can read the details of all three lawsuits filed by clicking on the links below.

Jamal Parris

Maurice Robinson

Long Lawsuit: Flagg Complaint

And on Thursday morning Attorney Craig Gillen who is representing  Bishop Long spoke to Frank and Wanda about the case.

Here are the photos released by Bernstein that were allegedly sent to one of the plaintiffs.

1285248483eddie long scandalpics 4 Lawsuits Against Bishop Eddie Long Latest Info!

Bishop Long plans to address the charges on Sunday morning before his congregation. We will continue to follow the story and bring you the facts.

Comments (288)
  1. Cam says:

    I’M HEARING CRICKETS….why hasn’t the bishops’ “Spiritual Daddy” come to his defense? Where are all those so-called brotherly Pastors who join him on Pastor’s Conferences, Manpower events, etc? No comment from Creflo, TD Jakes, TD Jakes, Pastor Durley, Left Eye’s Mom, TI, Usher, Gospel artists. Times like these will let you know who your real friends are and who knows maybe they’re afraid of the content in their emails to and from the bishop will be revealed from this lawsuit. The bishop needs to settle this case. If any improprieties from other Pastors or celebrities are contained in those emails/texts are revealed its going to ruin many lives, especially their children & Wives.

  2. gray says:

    well he is a preacher and he is power full.

  3. Gwendolyn Jacobs says:

    I think the reason Bishop Long lawyer stop him from coming on V103 because they knew that those picture will come out and the lawyer advice him to not go. I hated when the lawyer said those picture is not important to the case yes it is WHY DID YOUR CLIENT SEND THOSE PICTURE TO YOUNG MEN? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT TO HIS WIFE ONLY

  4. Gwendolyn Jacobs says:

    Also when the lawyer of Bishop Eddie long didn’t understand why she is going on different shows to bring awareness to the situation at hand. I don’t like how bishop Eddie long lawyer is talking about those guys like they are trouble young mens when everyone forgot bishop eddie Long went to jail also and as a bishop that his responsiblity to help the trouble kids not take advantage of there past life by having sexual favors for gifts.

    1. Cam says:

      The bishop went to jail??? When and on what charge? Don’t you think its odd that Bernice King and MLK III, Vernon Jones, Andy Young, Congressman John Lewis have not spoken out on his behalf? How is it ill-advised to not speak out on the Tom Joyer show but “OK” at the chuchr??? Will the lawyer be on stage with him interrupting? I feel this sermon is going to be his last “peformance” and a means to supplement his defense fund. He knows the media will be there…let the “Kleenex waterworks” begin.

      1. gd says:

        Everyone of you needs to get of the damn computer. Who’s without sin, please, please cast the first stone. I agree that no one should put so much trust in any man, but can you wait until all the evidence is out before you start running off at the fingers

  5. Child of GOD says:

    everyone rember GOD first, his light will shine

  6. Disbelief says:

    @ “Dekalb County Police Officer….” Hmmm. Honestly, I am so worried right now. You see I live and work in Dekalb County, and you have just put me on high alert. For a moment you made me forget all about Pimp (Eddie).

    I read your comment about 4 to 5 times, and I tried to find and excuse to your typical errors, and unfortunately…I couldn’t come up with any, only that you can’t spell, you can’t write, and if I’m not mistaken, a person writes the way they speak… Hmmmm

    Before I go any further forgive me if you are not a real police officer, but if you are SHAME ON YOU and Dekalb County Human Resource Department for hiring you as a police officer. I can almost imagine how it sounds when you read the Miranda Rights. Oops, I’m sorry Dekalb Police Officers don’t read the miranda rights!

    Until this all blows over, don’t come near that computer…don’t…don’t touch another computer! Don’t comment about nothing and nobody! You are going to make them arrest his A**!!! LOL

    1. Change says:

      I didn’t know you could get arrested on a civil matter but you all have tried and convicted him even before he could speak and when he does most of you all will not believe it so what’s the point. I guess I will have to see because if I listen to the media and the nay sayers I would lose faith in God too. One of the boys worked at New Birth as a security guard Thats how they got the master key and they have been friends since high school. The Parris boy was a good kid but fell to the waste side when he was failing in school and this other boy Spencer Is just flat out lying.

  7. mik says:

    It’s amazing how many of you are supporting Eddie Long Stroke. He is in the process of runing a great deal of lives as we speak. If these charges turn out to be true, they should shut that church down, because others had to know these was going on. Some of you religious freaks remind me of the Tea Party

  8. Paige says:

    @Dekalb County Police Officer. Wow….. I have to call you on your judgement or lack of it. But it ins’t a shock I mean this is the county where Vernon Jones had years in office to turn the the county government into the joke that it is today. By NO means is the case against Eddie Long a weak one. I would like you to sit down ans ask yourself these questions:

    Would a straight man, let alone a man of God take come do me pictures and send them to another man?

    Would a man of God summon a 17 year old boy to his hotel room to spend the night?

    I feel like if you ask your self these kind of questions you could pull your head out of the sand and face the truth. BJ Bernstien is a beast and the court room and does not take a case that lacks HARD CORE PROOF. Your a police officer so this next term you should know very well:

    Probable cause: Reasonable grounds for belief that an accused person is guilty as charged.

    We have a 23 page report that is very graphic and goes itno much detail about Pimp Daddy Long’s actions. Pictures he sent to these young men have surfaced. He was suppose to go on the radio and explain himself and backed out. He was suppose to hold a press conference and backed out. Now he only wishes to address his flock and not the rest of the public. That’s a whole mess of a probable cause in my eyes.

  9. Paige says:

    Sorry for the typos… Lol hands working slower than the mind again

  10. Amatullah says:


  11. Huntersville, NC (CLT Newbirth) says:

    ROMANS 1:2 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.
    JOHN 8:7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”
    We are praying for you and your family Bishop Long. We love you!

  12. Cam says:

    Robinson and Anthony Boyd, who were captured on surveillance cameras, took an iPod, iPad and jewelry, according to a police report. Flagg was never charged.

    Channel 2 Action News reports Long interceded on their behalf, telling DeKalb Assistant District Attorney Dan Geary he wished to “show compassion” and drop charges.

    Wow. He dropped the charges to show compassion. Thats the problem right there…his comPASSION.

    Now there’s a fourth alledge victim.

  13. GodWillJudge says:

    Jesus was humble and he set the example for Christian leaders. Where is the humility in these pictures? And someone asked earlier … why did he send these pictures to boys? I do pray that if this is true the Lord will expose all these people who Prey in the name of Jesus.

  14. CherylSmith says:

    Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. It’s sad how so many are judging the Bishop. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty. If anything we need to be going in prayer for Bishop Long & his family, the 4 young men, as well as the New Birth family. My prayer are with them all!

  15. CHILE PLEASE says:

    Hmmmm…If the allegations against EL are true (which I believe they are, this forum is the court of public opinion not a court of law, so I don’t have to live by the innocent until proven guilty rule), not only does EL need help, his wife (sorry sweetie you can’t sleep with someone damn near every night and not know they are up to something) and the folks that are close to him (yes men or the amen corner, take your pick), who also had to know he was up to something are just as guilty. People stop turning these pastors into larger than life characters, it doesn’t make sense, either they are sleeping with every pitiful single woman in the church, or messing with boys…Dayummm….If you are going to pray, pray for everyone involved, because true or not, everyone involved needs some real HELP. As far as the attorney for the plaintiffs is concerned, google her, she is not an ambulance chaser by far, and you better believe she wouldn’t take on someone as powerful as EL if she didn’t have her ducks in a row! Lastly, why on earth would you not step aside while this is worked out for the sake of your congregation?? Your desire to address the congregation on Sunday (whoa is me aka pity party) and not the allegations with your attorney by your side, show how arrogant and self absorbed you are, regardless if the allegations are true or not!

  16. Chell says:

    Whatever the situation, do these young men not realize they are being manipulated by a media hound who gets one-third of whatever the total settlement for what amounts to a nuisance suit? The more the merrier as far as she is concerned. This is not a suit about justice or puclic safety and if BJ Bernstein can find ten willing men and talk the insurance company into a $5M settlement to just go away (rather than spending $10M in legal fees), the BJ gets $2.2M and the young men will split the remainder. Even if Bishop Long did something wrong (and that is very questionable given the public shame shakedown approach), the young men are being pimped out by BJ for a legal fee.

  17. KT says:

    God’s Son Jesus Christ himself said that “what’s in the dark will come to the light” (Matthew 10:26). And the Bible also says that “your sin will catch up with you (or find you out)” It is what it is…………

  18. KT says:

    “You sin will find you out or will catch up with you” can be found at Numbers 32:23. True….we all make mistakes due to imperfection…..but ALL of us “reap what we sow” (Galatians 6:7)……none of us are exempt from that.

  19. Whatever Is Whatever says:

    Let me play the devils advocate if I may…If they stole his IPAD and Phone that were working… right, right….then why couldn’t at that time they send his pictures to their phone and claim it was from him!!!

    I am not a fan of BEL but it is a possibility for extortion that they came at him with unlike Michael Jackson he did not budge…then here comes the lawsuit!!!

    Truthfully these pics just look like someone admiring themselves and more in love with his body and himself than anything!!! I see no provocative motives here!!!

  20. Change says:

    I find it hard to believe……. Even the pics look fake but heres the thing, I went back to the the times that they were talking about and Bishop was chunky and his arms were bigger but that’s my own investigation. I don’t believe nor do I care about the negative slurs I just want a connection with God and Bishop Teachings (as well as other Bishop and Pastors that have sinned or have flaws) gets me closer to my connection. People Please Look at all the facts and Wait to see how this plays out.

  21. Normando says:

    Dekalb Police Officer: You are wrong see I know Bishop Long have connection with the Dekalb plolice dept. Why did Bishop Long go to the district Attorney and tell them to drop the charges. You listening what your friends tell you and doesnt know the true fact. I dont trust Police officer anyway because look what the police officers did at Eagle night club harras abunch of gay men. That why the crime rate is so hign now because you guys worry about the things. You saying the young men probally lying you need to judge these young men. Your job is protect and serve. Bishop Long is not God he is a man. So Mr. Dekalb Police Officer please dont judge these young men just pray for them and pray for Bishop Long & Family.

  22. clarencet says:

    Brother Bishop, as a man of God who happens to be black, I can only say this, WE know who is the one and only true/fair judge and the only who can judge our soul; so I will wait for His judgment if it takes me to go before Him to find out! Pray and believe that He is faithful!

  23. Jen says:

    Bishop we love you and will remain faithful to you and the first family. No matter what! God is still in charge! Are we after the truth or money?

  24. patrick says:

    I think the part that is missed alot is that when we (any of us) do anything to misrepresent or can be used against us, we are wrong already, so, he is guilty already, but we will get to see how this unfolds to see how guilty….in other words, we alll want
    to wait and see if he is guilty in the court of law…..unless the plaintiffs have lied about everthing…and i mean everything..he is already guilty before God.

  25. Michelle Cooper says:

    That walking demon needs to get out of our community. And the Newbirth members need to stop financing assaults on our children. Wake up people..Jesus is the Saviour, not your bishop or pastor. He and all his brainwashed members that support him disgust me. No amount of money could repair the damage done to his victims. It is not about the money…It is about trying to fight back against a predator, and stopping him from hurting others.

  26. Chell says:

    I feel sorry for the young men and their families. I can’t help but wonder what line BJ fed them to get them to believe she could “win” something for them. Even if they were victimized and she gets a couple of dollars for them, their lives are effectively over. They won’t be welcome anyplace except the survivors’ den. They won’t be trusted by anyone. And if you follow the cases involving abuse in the Catholic and Hassidic communities, the suicide rate among men who come forward is very high. I marvel that BJ was able to get one willing man to give his name, show his face and tell his story when millions of victims around the world feel such shame about being abused that years down the road they haven’t told anyone. But these “straight” young men with their entire lives ahead of them have so little to lose they willingly allow their “case” to be tried in the media? If Bishop Long did victimize anyone, this won’t be the case that stops the abuse. If anything, he’ll walk away from this with an even larger ego (if that’s possible) and keep it moving. That being said, I’ve worked on so many cases where anger is the catalyst for retaliatory legal action and people tell the most sordid stories in hopes of embarassing a settlement out of the accused. In most cases, they bet wrong and the accusers end up scorned and bitter. Pray for these young men being pimped out by BJ Bernstein and pray for their families. Their lives are forever changed and not for the better.

    1. Stina says:

      So they should have kept their mouths shut ??? I question your statistics. We need to support and commend these young men for having the courage to come forward. Here’s hoping EL will be paying for their therapy for years to come !

    2. patrick says:

      It’s interesing chell that timing has something to do with when a person feels they should reveal something that has happened to them. Noone should ever tell another person how to feel. You think this is all about winning? If this is true, it needs to be exposed, don’t you think?

  27. peaches says:

    What you do in the dark will one day come to the light!!! That’s a man first!!!

  28. JT says:

    Yes Eddie Long can preach, David Koresh was beilievable to his flock as well. Just because you do great things doesn’t give you the right to abuse your authority. Whatever happened I have no clue but something ungodly happened. Just because you take care of people and change people’s lives doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to play with lil boys. Why lil boys Bishop? it’s plenty women there for you on Sunday if your wife isn’t doing right. Vanessa Long looked so stupid in the face but she has to stand by him for now.

    1. Stina says:

      I totally agree with you. These followers don’t realize this is how con artists and pedophiles operate. Even the CNN anchor who was abused himself said it sounded just like what he went through. However, if I was his wife, I would not stand by him. She knows what happened. I would not have stood by a man who abused young men but she is greedy just like him and know they can keep on collecting from the foolish people who continue to show up to his church !

      1. Amatullah says:

        I totally agree with Stina. Vanessa Long is standing by her man because of the fame and fortune ONLY! She is too intelligent not to have known of her husband’s perverted ways. When I looked at her face on Sunday, on TV before the Bishop got up there lying to the people, I noticed how tired and worn out she looked. It is hard to live a lie on a daily basis, and her life with Eddie is a big lie and she knows it. But because she is afforded the title of “First Lady” and flies around in a private jet, million dollar salary, gifts, and cash flow she has sold her soul to the Devil. She knew and “know” that her husband preferred men over her….and keep in mind, there are others named in the lawsuit along with Eddie. They also knew what he was doing and said nothing. New Birth is going through a chastisement. And the false prophet Eddie is doomed to Hell for is lying, perverted ways. The best thing he can do now is step his ass aside, and get the hell out of the pulpit. He is a monster! Just like Jamal Parrish called him. My prayer is for the young men and their families. I have no sympathy for homosexual Bishop Long who robbed these young men of their trust and innocence. The Black Community should be picketing that church until he leaves!!! I am ready with my picket sign. I am angry that we are losing so many young men, and to loose them to a perverted so-called Pastor is outrageous!

  29. JT says:

    Wow I just saw the news and those kids are clearly punks. What on earth are they doing so close to the Bishop on this many occasions? I realize another side of Eddie Long now. He places his hands on his hips like a woman and he has that twinkle in his eye as well. This is the Anti-Christ at it’s finest! Now it’s coming out of him, he even backed that thang up the other night wow. If it looks like a duck ,quack like a duck tell me what it is………..

  30. JT says:

    The people of Africa get word of what Eddie Lond is up to then he built a hospital for himself if he go back over there.

  31. St.Ives says:

    Dark secrets often are found in places where we don’t think they are. Compelling is the pictures; (all of them)! Then a private investigator is hired to investigate the accusers…then, not coming forth and telling the congregation about the charges against him; but grandstanding, then holding a conference away from his congregation in a small room and not saying nothing. This is an autopsy that in the end will tell us all the truth about the trips, places, money, jewerley, cars, appartments, etc., how can all of this surface if it was not part of the puzzle that is slowly coming together. Bring in the congregation to take side will not help; the more they know the quick exit they are going to take! The accuser lawyer has solid-proof and information keep coming. I will not guess what else the public don’t know and it will indeed shock us all once it is told. The small details often have shocking affects and it normally put the icing on the cake, if you will. “I am not a perfect man”, that should have gotten a lot of attention from the congregation…but, like we know, being part of a Megachurch often take us away from seeing the very deapth of the issue. For the sake of Atlanta and all of the New Birth Congregation in all of the New Birth Churches….this chapter is about to open and open big! All I am going to say is….if you have never been in a room where the smell and uncomfort air is……prepare yourselves, this will not look or smell good and many of you might get sick. This is where all of this is leading to; and the lawyers have to bring it to life. Like a soap-opera, this is a story with many twist and turns, but it has to end somehwere! We want to think that this is a dream, it is not; it is about four young men who life have perhaps been gravely affected and deep within, they can’t live anymore being silent. This is a sad time for all of our churches not only here in Georgia, but throughout our United States of America because the same things are kepted in the dark!

  32. Chell says:

    The allegations are not true and enough people know the truth about these young men and what is really going on that they are confident in defending Eddie Long. Patience is indeed a virtue and judgment should be reserved. An investigator is critical here because he will be able to piece together an extortion plot and the victims that have not been named. Eddie Long is a target not a predator. Sit tight and wait this out. It’s long been said that an attorney with a strong case goes to court and one without a case goes to the media. I don’t think BJ knows what is going on but if she has a clue that something is dirty she needs to get her clients to ‘fess up now before they embarass her out of Georgia.

    1. Amatullah says:

      @Chell, you are so naive and pitiful. To think all 4 of these young men are lying and plotting you need your head examined. The Bishop is as guilty as sin and you should find yourself another church home while you can. This man is a monster. These young men trusted him as their spiritual leader, or should I say “father” as he instructed them to call him. The bishop’s first wife, Dabara Long divorce papers are now public record. And in her complaint for divorce, she stated that while she was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Bishop’s child he beat her with his fists. I guess she is plotting and lying too huh? A real man would never ever under any circumstances hit a female. And a pregnant one at that, is unbelieveable. That demonstrates the calibre of person Eddie is. Keep in mind, these young men came forward because they wanted the abuse to end towards future young teens. The bishop is guilty and will be proven guilty in a court of law. By the way, there will be a protest march against Eddie until the steps down from New Birth. I plan to join the marchers. He is not fit to stand in a pulpit. To continue preaching to his flock every Sunday just shows the world how arrogant and vain he is. He is a perverted homosexual, and needs to be put in jail. My only question is when will his flock wake up and demand that his get his wig wearing, tight fitting muscle shirt wearing ass out of their sancturary? What is wrong with you people? He is not God nor is he the son of God, WAKE UP VILLAGE AND STAND UP WITH OUR YOUNG MEN. We are losing too many of them to crime and violence. To loose them to a sick bisexual pastor is an outrage! IT TAKES A VILLAGE. WHERE ARE THE VILLAGERS AT? LETS JOIN THE PICKET LINE AND FORCE BISHOP LONG OUT OF NEW BIRTH!!!! STAND UP BLACK MAN AND WOMAN. These young men are ours.

  33. roy says:

    ,,Homophobia breeds secrecy.Hipocracy exclusion, silence= death, hatred begats Eddie Long. You sheep have’nt seen anything yet. there will be King,Jakes Winans jackson, Jones, When it all comes out you are not going to know wether to poop or scratch your butt. JUST WAIT.

  34. JT says:

    This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a 1bishop, he desires a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; 3 not 2given to wine, not violent, 3not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not 4covetous; 4 one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence 5 (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); 6 not a 5novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. 7 Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the asnare of the devil.

  35. JT says:

    The Lithonia megachurch, in its response filed in DeKalb County State Court Monday, acknowledges that the men accompanied Long on trips, in some cases overseas, but said it couldn’t explain the nature of relationships that may have existed between Long and the men.

    The church said Anthony Flagg, one of the accusers, traveled with Long on trips to Tuskegee, Ala., New York and Las Vegas, but couldn’t provide further details. It said it could not “admit or deny” allegations that the two were intimate.

  36. tony says:

    I think that we should leave this along because we dont know he did it or not.So I think GOD is going to take care of all of this We will hold a black person of all wrong but a white man we forget all about them. Please lets find good things to talk about then Bishop I moved 1200 miles back to atl just for v-103 now please dont make me move back…. And really I dont think he did it..

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