eddie long Frank Ski Remains Loyal

FRANK SKI lets the listeners know where his position stands concerning the allegations with BISHOP EDDIE LONG.

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  1. CM says:

    We are all good children and we should love and support one another in a time of crisis

  2. Zee says:

    Everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon with the negativity going on about Bishop Eddie Long. I’m with Frank on this one. I’m not a member of his church but ppl need to let the role play out and stop downing this man until they know the truth.

  3. Teresa Rodgers says:

    I am sad to hear this. I am new to this area from Alaska. I am a minister that sat under a pastor that went through somehing similar. I also watched two other pastors in that area go through allegations. My prayers is not only with the family and close friends of Bishop Long, but the congregation as well. These are times that our Faith as Christians is being tested in so many ways, and we’ve got to stand strong together and really be prayed up. At this point people have him guilty before the trial, so his supporters really need to trust in the Lord and allow God to work through the attorneys and not try to help through the media or by contacting the alleged victims. Trust me that is more damaging than it is help. Encourage them that the best way they can help is to pray! I also am praying for these young men. For either parties damage is done, and even if the Bishop is cleared of these allegations he will be scrutinized for a long time. SMH 😦 Be Blessed and stay strong!

    1. Margovia says:

      Its strange that two young men with nothing to lose would bring up these allegations UNLESS they actually do have proof. Only God, the young men and Bishop Long know what exactly happened. NO outsider can vouch for what someone else would or would not do in any given situation, its all Gods business. If these are just unfounded allegations then it would behoove everyone with bones in a secret closet to clean it out and confess it to God. No one is exempt from payday.

      Mr. Long, you know, never mind the people –get to God and get it right…whatever IT is…

      To the young men–God loves, God forgives..

  4. Anonymus says:

    I remember when I was a member of Pastor Mason Betha’s Church. Frank and Wanda (Ryan Cameron also) were extremely critical of him/allegations surrounding him. Talked about the man like a dog.
    Now all of sudden they (mainly Frank and Wanda) are encouraging their listeners to wait for the truth come out. Now you’re all about displaying grace and mercy.

    Wow… reaping what they’ve sown.

    1. jackie says:

      WOW anonymus good point whats up with that FRANK

  5. lachicadeATL says:

    are you out of your mind FRANK there is no where in the bible where it says that anyone was acuse of being gay or having sexual relations with another man. Lets talk about the issue this is not the 1st time

    1. Amatullah says:

      I believe the young men told the truth. And I believe that is part of the reason they were acting out their frustrations at an early age. Imagine, a teenager of 16 years old, being molested by a Pastor of a mega church! A man they trusted. A man who brought their silence with expensive gifts and elaborate trips to silence his homosexual advances towards them. Just imagine how you would react. Of course they got in trouble, because they were “troubled by this” …. Yes, the young men got in trouble but it was a cry for help. This Bishop is as guilty as sin, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion. Get your head out the sand Frank Ski. Your Bishop thought that he was “above the law” and above God’s law… after all he was “The Man” … even owned his own private Jet while his poor parishoners, common folk of his flock, his congregation – gave their bill money to pay tides. This man deserves to be put under the jail house! I pray that the young men involved will be able to move on with their lives with counseling. And I hope that they get paid big time for this. They lost their innocence and trust to this Scum bag! YES I SAID IT AND I AIN’T TAKING IT BACK, EDDIE LONG IS AS GUILTY AS SIN! He is scum for doing this to these innocent young boys. My heart goes out to the young men involved. They, not Eddie, are in need of our prayers. Eddie knew better, but he thought that he was above the law. He always did impress me as being fake. He wore very tight fitting clothes and he had prissy, very feminine ways about him… I’m just saying.

      1. geminiro says:

        I agrre with you1000% Amatullah. I have always thought he was the most self righteous person I have ever see. Above God & the law. Does he not understand the 1st commandment, His flock refers to him as”my/our father ….” so pathetic. Since they can’t get hin stautory charges, he should just be castrated. Being somebody’s ———- in jail will be a source od pleasure for him. Again, you spoke the truth!!

      2. jackie says:

        WOW Amatullah u put it all out there

      3. AW says:

        Hold on hear these were not young boys these were young men. If they were that uncomfortable why did they continue to involve themselves…. As a mother of a wonderful now grown man there is no way my son would have allowed me or anyone else to put him in a situation he did not feel comfortable with. The youth of today do not hold their tongues for anyone (have you sat in a classroom or mall and listened to them) so why hold your tongue on this.. In addition I do pray for ALL PARTIES INVOLVED becasue I am a Christian and I too am not perfect by far… Therefore I find your statement hypicritical and one sided…. Do not throw stones unless you are prepared for the stones to be thrown back…

  6. Theresa says:

    Thank you Frank for such a reply. I agree with you. When I heard what “Allegedly” happened, I began to pray for our Leader of many. Then a song came to mine which was by Deitrick Haddon..God Didn’t give up on me!!! I pray that true Christians Pray and do not entertain such negativity this is the Same man that has prayed a Multitude through, Worldwide. I didn’t hear everyone talking about the accomplishments as much as this negativity! Take your mouth off the Man of GOD!! I am not a member of New Birth but I am in prayer for your Leader, Whatever the Outcome. Yes I am Loyal as well!!

    1. jackie says:

      So now we have yet another respected church leader who got carried away with his own charisma (I myself always found him a little squirrelly but that’s beside the point) and thought he was invincible and could behave as he wished and not as he should. Stay Loyal

    2. Tracy Jo T. says:


  7. Courtney says:

    This not the first time Eddie Long has been caught engaging in homosexual activities. Lets not forget that he was caught illiciting sex from a transvestite downtown Atlanta a few years ago. No man in their right mind would come forward with such allegations if there wasn’t some truth to it. It’s possible that the three men are driven by monetary gains but it appears that something homosexual is going down whether it was consensual or coerced. We all are God’s children but molesting or coercing underage boys into sexual activities is just WRONG! I am so glad I am not a member of this church or no church for this matter. This discourages me from joining any church b/c it is full of hypocrites.

  8. Stand on Truth says:

    I saw this man downfall 3 or 4 year ago.You see what he’s being charge with! but, is this the root of the problem? I beg to defer,Long has upset the people in power the same way Clinton did in office. The Minster was suppose to speak at Eddie church and by him even inviting The Minster to HIS church the power that be was upset. not the so-call negros, but the ones that pull the negroes string where we come out against each other.With Clinton it was monica with eddie its boys, they know your weakness The AJC wrote and article threating to exspose EL lifestyle in which Frank read some of it on the air. Eddie went to the Minister hotel as a theif in the night, telling him how he believe in what he was trying to do but he was under so much pressure for even inviting him to his church he wouldn’t be able to let him speak there. The Minister said bro. I understand, He also said about EL stand up bishop and be the man that GOD wants you to be than they want be able to ride you. I tune in to Frank that next morning just to hear what he had to say about the firm words the Minister had to say about his pastor and nothing was said. AJC has let some time past, so you want see that they have destory another one of your leader that they made anyway. my fear now is for you bro frank you made a statement about that same time, The USA giving a country the sides of New Orleans 300 mill.loan each year that they are not obligated to payback,but NO who is a city in the USA you want to give them a 300 mill.laon to help with ketrina but they must pay it off in a certain time peroid. when it came out your mouth I fear for your position. Believe me bro.they don’t forget or forgive. you said we will talk about it after the break but nothing else was said I don’t know wheather you were told to go to something else or what, but nothing else was said.

  9. Stand on Truth says:

    Frank I have a question who is AJC Who is Linda Tripp who is monica leuwinski Who pointed these boys family to bj brienstein. DO YOU THINK THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE RESPECT THAT YOU HAVE FOR MS. BRIENSTEIN AND YOU WERE NOT GOING TO BE CRITICAL OF HER. WHAT HANDS DOES THE AJC HAS IN THIS 2THESS. 2-3.

  10. Pastor J says:

    So on a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat on his throne and gave an oration to them. And the people kept shouting, “The voice of a god and not of a man! Then immediately an angel of the Lord struck him, because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died. Act 12:21-23 There is only one God! New Birth never put the messenger of God higher then the Almighty God. He is just a messenger sent by God that recieve the title Bishop from a man.

  11. P Hill says:

    A source close to this national story close to this investigation says that he believe the these individuals are leveling severe charges against him after they were caught red handed for breaking into his office….These young men ruin their reputation with family & friends who were devastated … In trouble with the law facing their parents on the verge of being sent away from home & being convicted for these actions.. With their parents move out of town just to be involved with the church and now being completely embarrassed…These young men went for a hell Mary and landed these wild and outrageous allegations against the high profile preacher with no history whatsoever in terms of sexual misconduct against teenage boys and devastated their parents with sexual misconduct to reverse the picture of their actions & level their parents who love their pastor with passion..This case is sad in the end this great leader with be lifted and vindicated in the court of law…..

    Bishop Eddie Long

    1. jackie says:

      lollol phil a source close lollol take your head out the sand have u seen the pictures. i hope u don’t have any kids.

      1. AW says:

        Jackie this appears to be real personal for you…

    2. Tracy Jo T. says:


      1. AW says:

        A cry out for what… at thi point I am positive they know right from wrong cry or not they broke the law… Or in the judgement are you saying that whatever they are going through vindicates them for breaking the law….

  12. MochaMix says:

    What needs to be remembered here is that the Bible states “all men fall short to the glory of God”. And bishop Eddie Long is no different and not above it.

  13. Derrrick Evans says:

    When people like Mr (Bishop) Eddie Long has a certain status quo in People eyes they have to really tread lightly on all of their actions. Don’t know if he is the type of man that would do those things, but if he Has or Did lets remember Mr Bishop is a man not a God. He is not free from sin.

  14. jackie says:

    Now I do believe that if you are not a pastor and you can live with the lies and deception it takes to have an affair, that is your own business. You are not answering to any kind of biblical code and if you’re not too concerned about what God might think of your little escapades, seriously, it is your business and NOT mine.
    But when you are a leader, a church leader no less, and you profess with your lips to believe even just a bit of what the bible says, you have NO BLOODY EXCUSE for messing around. Not one. You know the rules.

  15. Vickie from Decatur says:

    Wow Frank is acting as he is the spokesman for Eddie Long. How would you feel if a grown man sent a picture like that to your boys. Oh my bad if your kids had some pictures like that you will be the first to brag and say I have some photos just like that because he sent them to us FIRST!!! Quick trying to be the first in everything somethings you need to stay out of and be last. Wow Frank you have some cool friends since you are always preaching about we are who we hang out with. You brag about Bill Campbell as a friend of yours who took his wife to Florida while he took his girlfriend to Paris. You brag about Jesse Jackson being a person friend of yours as well who also cheated on his wife and got a baby. The list goes on and on. Does that means that you cheat on Tonya. Like you always say “birds of a feather flock together”. Makes you want to go hmmmmm. I bet Frank got mad when he heard that Eddie Long was going to talk to Tom Joyner FIRST instead of giving the first, worldwide interview with Frank Ski since he knows the Bishop so well. Second Eddie Long is not a spiritual leader God is. I don’t need a Eddie Long to get to God. God said we are not suppose to “REVERE” men and that is what Frank is doing. The love for your brother I understand but you are on the point of being ridiculous as you are losing a part of your soul. You don’t even act like that about your own natural father. You are making rthis Eddie Long episode about you. I couldn’t even listen to you when you kept saying, people are calling ME from all over the world. The news outlets are contacting ME. It is all about ME, ME, ME as if you want us or trying to convince yourself that you are really that important as if Eddie Long as no one but you to talk for him. Get over yourself and stop trying to make this about you.

    1. Amatullah says:

      Frank Ski is as sick as the Bishop. We all know this. He is self righteous, materialistic, naive, and a “wanabe.” Need I say more? He will blindly follow this man to hell and take his family too. I wonder what is the “real deal” with him and the Bishop….? things that make you go hmmmm.

      1. AW says:

        REALLY… Are you a christian or simply filled with hate.

  16. Amatullah says:

    To AW – Yes, we can judge, and we are all entitled to our opinions. We know God is the final “Judge” but we human’s do have the right to judge based on the facts presented by Attorney BJ Weinstein. That is why we have “judges and jury’s” in America. Man can judge, so don’t get it twisted Ms. Holier-than-Thou…. Have you read the 23 page court documents and the young men detailed description of how the Bishop abused them sexually, They are telling the truth so get your head out the sand and deal with reality. The reality is your Bishop is a sick, perverted closet homosexual who abused his power and authority. I hope they put his under the jail and you need to pray harder to the Real God… sorry to tell you the it ain’t the BISHOP!

    1. AW says:


      First of all Bishop Eddie Long is not my personal pastor. Second anyone can say anything they choose to say does not make it true until proven. Thirdly if my head was in the sand I would be unable to see the hatred within you…
      I could care less about the specifics of this case I think you and no one else is prepared to be judged. Are you perfect wait I really do not care because I am not in judgement of you. Handle things however you choose to but in the eyes of a christian which obviously you are not you are wrong…
      I know who my God is lil person so check your tone and staements directed towards me and my God. I will stand before the Lord any day right long side you and am confident I will prosper can you say the same…. If your answer is yes you are praying to the wrong God and need a christianity check….
      There is no check and balance in human judement there is a check and balance in the court system “judge and jury” so what balance is there for your judgement because you appear to be on your own tangent here… Frankski, Bishop Long are none of your business if you do not like what they have to say do not listen to V103 and stay away from New Birth… You are one voice and I am sure the voice of real Christians will out power your remedial squeaks…. Bishop Long being wrong or right isnot your business it is the business of New Birth Missionary baptist Church, Bishop Long, the plaintiffs and God so get off your judgemental platform and mind ya business….

      1. Amatullah says:

        First off, you are the only Christian in the world AW. We get that! LOL! Secondly, you are so judgemental yet you tell us not to be. Read your own words my dear. You are such a hypocrite just like your fallen leader the Bishop! Who you claim not to follow but secretly you are in love with him. And just for the record Dearie, everyone is not a Christian. I never said I was and I am proud to be of my own religious faith which is none of your business frankly, this discussion is about Bishop long and his accusers, so don’t try to turn it into something else. Lets stick to the script. The issue is not about me or you, it is about your perverted Bishop and your blind reality. You are so narrow minded to believe everyone is a Christian on this blog, poor thing. And from the looks of things, a lot more will “leave” Christianity because of false leaders such as your Bishop friend who took advantage of little innocent boys. Now hold onto your wig darlin, there are yet more young men lined up with charges. Just heard about it on the news. So for you to still blindly support this perverted, homosexual, you need your Christian brains examined!!! Ms. Holier-than-Thou. I believe you have a little sugar in your tanks too… you come across as a lesbo… that is why you are defending the Bishop so adamantly… things that make you go hmmmm… Now you get off your judgemental platform and deal with reality sister girlfriend and wake up and smell the coffee. The reality is, you are brainwashed. And you are just plain DUMB with your lame replies. For you to still have faith in a pastor who the world now know has molested 4 boys with more coming forward this week… you are just as sick as the Bishop! And I love you! No hatred my dear, you are just lost honey. Now let us pray! LOL!

  17. Amatullah says:

    AW is a blind follower ya’ll, she is a Bishop worshipper… poor baby. Her God has fallen and her is angry… LOL! Don’t cry boo-boo, its ok his time is up. He had to fall. He had set himself up as Lord…. Now, let us pray for AW…. her bubble has been burst. Hate to tell you this AW, but Bishop is not God Boo-boo.

    1. AW says:

      Be clear you nor the twisted society we live in can bust my bubble because it is covered with the grace of God. You remedial lil person you do not know me or my beliefs… I said I am a blind follower of GOD you idiot. Now you on my nerves with your negative and slanted views. You and people like you are the tools of the devil not freedom of speech or the human right of an opinion…. Now if you are so righteous I guess you are prepared to be judged so open your doors and windows and let’s go through your life with a fine tooth comb and the media and see where you end up… People who judge others are worst than people who commit crimes… AW is truly not the one you want to challenge… So let us end our debate and agree that you have your views and I have mine. Try not to disrespect anyone in the future with pet names I am not your friend, child or associate lil person.

      1. Amatullah says:

        AW you are pathetic… you said to me and I quote, “Try not to disrespect anyone in the future with pet names I am not your friend, child or associate lil person” And in the same breath insulted me by calling me a name. This demonstrates your ignorance and I will no longer comment to you. It is a waste of time and energy. Because you cannot handle the truth. You have reduced it to a debate with me, This forum is about the perverted Bishop Eddie Long, not me. Your attempt at trying to change the focus won’t work. Have a nice day Ms. Holier-than-Thou. And yes, the Bishop is a perverted homosexual and you are remain is blind follower….

      2. AW says:

        You need to close your mouth an not make this personal between you and truly I am a christian (thank God not the only one in the world) and more than likely the only one that will entertain your ignorance… So let’s agree to disagree… Your ignorance and disrespect has show since you first began typing so who is a hypocrit…

      3. Amatullah says:

        I love you AW!!!!!

  18. AW says:

    The hatred and judgements shown over this issue are out of control and not Christianly… I pray for all parties involved and I commend Frankski for standing behind a man he respects and befriends…

  19. Amatullah says:

    Yet, another young man has now come forth who was also sexually abused by Bishop Eddie Long! That makes it 4 victims now. Wow! Unbelieveable….. If anyone still believe that the Bishop is innocent of these charges please seek professional help. You have been fully brainwashed by him. Your Bishop is a very sick individual. I understand your hurt and I know you are in shock, but you are part of the blame. His flock saw some of this coming… they put this man on a pedestal, and made him their mini “God” Adn now that these allegations have surfaced they are feeling deceived. This is your test. And it is God’s way of showing you that only He is God. And He will have no other “God’s” before Him. Eddie Long deserves to be sent to prison for a long time and New Birth must be made to pay money to these men for their loss of innocence. On Sunday the Bishop will speak. If he gets up there in his pulpit and attempt to further his lying, deceitful scheme by fooling his flock, “HELL” will await him! He will suffer even more unless he tell the truth. He must now “confess” his sins and ask for forgiveness from God, the church, the young men he molested and the Atlanta community. Unless he does that, this man is nothing but a walking, breathing, DEVIL in sheep clothing!!! And the sad part is, I doubt if he will confess his sins even though there are now 4 men saying the same thing! WAKE UP FOLKS! From what Attorney BJ Bernstein has hinted at, there is yet a 5th victim who has been sexually abused and she will bring him forth. I am praying for the innocent members of New Birth. I can only imagine the hurt, confusion, frustration, and anger they must feel. No one wants to be deceived in this manner by someone they trusted to lead them as their Pastor! This only demonstrates to the world, that man is fallible, he will fall. But God is omnipotent, and without fault or blemish. There is only one God. Eddie Long had gotten to “Big” and his fame, money and power went to his head, and thus led to his demise. He thought that he could “buy” whatever he wanted including young boys…. well the cover if off now Eddie, and you have no where to run. Ask for forgiveness before it is too late, if you have any sense left in your head. And maybe God will have mercy on your pitiful soul

  20. Vickie from Decatur says:

    This is Eddie Long talking to Frank Ski. “Sit BooBoo sit, rollover, bark 3 times now go and get your bone. Good Boy”

    1. Amatullah says:

      LOL! 2 Funny!!!

  21. chitown says:

    This message is only directed to those who say “they teach their kids to tell”, we all do…and we never expect it to happen. Mentally we do not know what goes on in the minds of our children, kids, teenagers! You have to experience it too know! Its a very mental and complex situation….Yes i was molested by a congregation member..that lead a father figure persona…i was looked down upon because i told…but no one believed me ..until others spoke…so be careful what you say.

  22. lynn says:

    Bishop Eddie Longs own cousin, Reverend Rondy Long says that Eddie Long has been engaging in sodomy for years, and that he warned him several times to no avail. He also said a young boy came forth years ago to tell what was going on and HE WAS MYSTERIOUSLY BEATEN UP.

    minister himself and has nothing to gain by outing his cousin.
    He wasnt surprised at the boys allegations at all, and furthermore he heard that lots of other ministers were doing things, like Jakes. Why do you think the boys are in hiding,
    they fear getting beat up or killed.

    1. Amatullah says:

      @Lynn, yes I believe every word you wrote. The Bishop is as guilty as sin and his flock should find another church home while you can. This man is a monster. These young men trusted him as their spiritual leader, or should I say “Daddy” as he instructed them to call him. The bishop’s first wife, Dabara Long divorce papers are now public record. And in her complaint for divorce, she stated that while she was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Bishop’s child he beat her with his fists. I guess she is plotting and lying too huh? A real man would never ever under any circumstances hit a female. And a pregnant one at that, is unbelieveable! That just demonstrates the calibre of person Eddie is. Keep in mind, these young men came forward because they wanted the abuse to end towards future young teens. The bishop is guilty and will be proven guilty in a court of law. By the way, there will be a protest march against Eddie until the steps down from New Birth. I plan to join the marchers. He is not fit to stand in a pulpit. To continue preaching to his flock every Sunday just shows the world how arrogant and vain he is. He is a perverted homosexual, and needs to be put in jail. My only question is when will his flock wake up and demand that his get his wig wearing, tight fitting muscle shirt wearing ass out of their sancturary? What is wrong with you people? He is not God nor is he the son of God, WAKE UP VILLAGE AND STAND UP WITH OUR YOUNG MEN. We are losing too many of them to crime and violence. To loose them to a sick bisexual pastor is an outrage! IT TAKES A VILLAGE. WHERE ARE THE VILLAGERS AT? LETS JOIN THE PICKET LINE AND FORCE BISHOP LONG OUT OF NEW BIRTH!!!! STAND UP BLACK MAN AND WOMAN. These young men are ours.

  23. Kemetking says:

    This shouldn’t suprise people on this society. Eddie Long and Frank Ski are both part of the Black Boule. Always see how Frank Ski gets excited talking about Puffy, Russell Simmons, and others? Those men are gay and front like they like women to society. Eddie Long won’t do jail time for this, but God will handle him. Frank Ski being a member of the black boule took a oath to did diss another member. Frank Ski is a clown, cheats on his wife with young, nonbright women, and reads the gospel vitamin on his corny morning show like you should mix God with stupidity. I’ve been to some of the clubs in atlanta that frank ski was djing, and he plays the family man on the radio, and competing with single men for women at night. He’s a corny dude and is Eddie Long’s cheerleader.

  24. Ms. J says:

    Wanda, “I’m Just Saying”! Understanding the settlement and risks about the boys speaking out about Mr. Long. I will dismiss the Bishop in his name. I didnt hear anyone respond about how deep the scars may be for these young men. No one can ever feel anyone’s pain. The fact that their MANHOOD alone was taken away and they were misled. (Come on Wanda and Frank you both have sons, could you imagine if he began to set eyes on your boys when they turn 15). I feel the boys totally, burn the money. Mr. Long continues to preach on the pulpit, not admitting to his wrong doings pretending to be the victim and without an apology of any sort (like if i’ve ever offended you in anyway i will apologize). Come on People “I’m Just Saying”. If gov officers step down for a single accusation, why shouldnt a so called “Man of God” be held to a Higher Standard and step down for several accusations as well. Instead hush money is thrown and all discussions swept under the rug. I’m Just Saying”, I’m telling you why I’m mad today. He is a representative of GOD!! Not GOD Himself.

  25. rw says:

    I am not a fan of Bishop Long but the bible does say he without sin cast the first stone. Whether guilty or innocent we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.

    1. shaker says:

      God destroyed a hold city for such behavior this man has decieve many and miss used his authoroty he is unworth of the title of bishop he is a homosexual who trick ,lied, and decieve young men for this GOD’S judgement is against you

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