ti Greg Street Recaps the TI Suicide Jumper Situation

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  1. Yona says:

    Awwww its very sad sitution. He is one bless person cause he could be gone. But since he’s still here then that mean it wasnt his time to go home to a peaceful place. He must have been a person that always have done right. Just hope he don’t do it again. And T.I. I wanna thank you even though he’s not related to me, but he might listen to what you have said. He would have left behind a lot of love one’s that dearly loved him.

  2. hickmanarms says:

    Good Job to all involved in the suicide attempt. To comment on what the morning crew has stated about today’s society not being able to stand stuff when the going gets tuff, or the give , give method that has disrupted the reality of the younger generation- well you can blame the parents but at some point even you ( the radio station is to blame because you are suppose to be the “Peoples Station” but when you all are promoting the guys that get in trouble , throw money away like p diddy buying his son that car that was publicized, or this crazy dope – boy/ baller this music that today’s rappers are talking about – you all really seem contradictive to the concept that the V is all about. You all I thought asked the questions that listeners would ask. You all boast about the things going on and kids are hearing you all. There are two sides to all things and I understand times have change and the faces in the game too but the basic concept that we all have been raised by has not and should not be tampered with. We must stand together in this time of financial problems and community problems. The corner-stone of all families are god first, family second, employment third and with the allegation toward the Rev. Bishop clearly shows that religion has now taken a back seat in all forms of business/ family-relation. I Tobias (hickmanarms) Hickman am making it my business to get this motto back to the fore-front of not only our lives but the nation’s movement years ago when MLK was speaking about. You all please take in to consideration that this message is intended to fore pass all negativity and meant for the entire state to tune in to the core of this message. The core being hospitality and communication understanding that reality is what we the people make, have and doing to either progress or continue at an idle movement. The current music that seems to be thriving on the airways is false. The representing of these false rappers is not positive in their music therefore not positive in their lives outside of entertainment. At least Tupac had great intellect and used his music to speak on what was becoming the downfall in society (he finally after all these years got one shout- out at the BET awards).
    You all look out for me as I strive to be the face of everything I have mentioned and bring back what my supporters are standing up for.

    Thank you
    Tobias Hickman
    Student, Athens Technical College

  3. Sybil Chester says:

    Good job TI, and may God bless you.

  4. SHEILA BROWN says:

    Things happen for a reason, and a lot of it is unexplainable at the time. Fact is, the authorities were dealing with a situation for over an hour, and TI helped resolve that situation in less than 10 minutes, if I’m correct.Like I had just told my youngest daughter, GOD uses us for his purpose. Great job TI for taking time out of your busy schedule to help another, although you are in a situation yourself. Continue to be Blessed!

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