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Christmas time is when many of us make wishes. Sometimes those wishes come true and sometime they don’t.
Well, if you submitted your Christmas Wish letter in to the Frank and Wanda Show chances are your wish may come true.  The fact of the matter is that Frank and Wanda are working over-time  to read the letters in hopes of  making some of those wishes come true for area families.  

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  1. Ashley says:

    Good afternoon, Wanda. I am sure that there are many families in the metro Atlanta area needing a blessing this year. This email, is a request not for myself, but for my parents. My father has worked for more than 20 years for himself, sacrificing everything he and my mom have ever had to take care of the family. They helped put my sister and I through college and have been the best parents and protectors two daughters could ask for. Unfortunately, in mid October, my dad suffered a stroke while he was driving his commercial work truck. With bills and no income, we are facing trials just trying to remain family. The incident has plagued my parents since- Daddy was the provider since my mom has had 2 open heart surguries. All of our options have been exhaused to save their home. There is just no money… and it seems that with a man who has worked himself to the bone, it is so painful that he and my mom are facing homelessness. There are no means for my sister and I to financially support them. I am asking for advice, assistance, or even just a referral to someone who can help keep my parents in thier home and warm… that would be Christmas enough for our family. Any help, hope, words of encouragement, or prayers you are able to offer would be so appreciated.

  2. CarlaR says:

    Dear Santa,

    I know this may be late notice but it’s never too late to ask a very simple request. This isn’t something that will cost tons of money or something very big. However, it is something VERY special to me.
    I am a single mom of three (18, 13, and 8 years old). I have been everything I could be for them and those around me. Whenever my kids have needed me, I was there. Whatever my kids needed, I made a way for things to happen. The only thing is, I am everything for everyone except me. I’m ALWAYS considering the feelings of others and the needs of others before I think of my own.
    Santa, I know this may seem a bit selfish, but for Christmas this year, I want to focus on me for a change. You see, for so many years I have drained my budget buying all sorts of gifts for children only to see them take my gifts for granted by either destroying them or leaving them laying around. I don’t even try to date because the one time I went to meet the man of my dreams (Al B. Sure!) one of my children turned off my deep freezer. As a result, I lost tons of food and found myself going hungry plenty of nights because the food that was left, I gave it to my children. So you see, Santa, I feel for once I should think about me and what will make me happy for Christmas.
    This year for Christmas I want to be treated like a queen. I would like to be able to get dressed up and go out on a beautiful romantic date. Something simple, something special. And now that the man of my dreams is now at the radio station and not just out in California, I’m hoping that this one wish can come true. All I really want for Christmas this year is a date with the oh so sexy oh so romantic Al B. Sure!. 🙂
    Yes, it seems like a wild and even crazy wish. But they always say, ask not want not. So I’m asking… 🙂 And sure I am also wishing for an android cellphone, but I can always get one of those. A date with Al only comes once in a life time. 🙂
    Take care and have an awesome holiday season!!!

  3. Juanita Arrington says:

    I would like to know have you receive my Christmas Wish List.


    Juanita Arrington

  4. Beneditha says:

    Dear Santa:
    I’m a Nigerian born and raised in the United States of America from Gwinnett age 20.Back home they dont do a wish list or santa secret but I hope my wishes will come true this Christmas.Its been hard for me these couple of years by me not having a job or money to give or get myself somthing, The little money I had I gave it to donations and homeless people so they can feel happy.My wish is too have an Ipod Touch 8gb 4th generation so I can keep in touch with family and friends at the moment the prepaid phone that I have isnt reliable and just a few days ago it fell into the water so I cant see nothing. Last but not least a little money to get my family somthing.Even though this christmas may not be well but at least me and my family are together and pray to see 2011. I would appreciate it and may the lord bless your souls and may you live an enternal life and keep doing the good job.Love your show.God Bless

  5. sequayah russell says:

    Dear Santa;
    I’m a young mother of 1 who name is Jy’Quez. I have no Job and Babydaddy lock up. I really try my best to be the mother
    I can be to him. I want my son to have the best christmas ever. I want him to have thigs I never had for Christmas. Just please help me give my son the best Christmas ever. I’ve been looking for a job but that no help at all. I’m a 17 year old mother that really care for my child and want him to be successful and happy in this world. I need help.

    Thank you for making my wish come true and this opportunity. Merry Christmas an a HappyNewYear

  6. Cedriana parker says:

    Hello mr. frankski and mrs.wanda my name is cedriana and i am 13 years old. I thank god for you mrs wanda n mr frank because you all are understanding and caring for others.I have a situation that deeply hurts me, and sometimes it disturbes me in school, and my mother is a praying women and her word is “God will make a way”.My family have been through so much because of my father not taking care of us and, we had to live in a place that had alot of shootin even my brother was shot in both of his legs .My father has been gone since i was 3 years old my baby brother has never seen him.He was sentenced to prison for 27 years, we pray for him.I miss my grandmother so much, i watched her die slowly.We used to stay with her over the summer.My mother has an old car that breaks down and cant pass her emission and that is our situation because it cause wenot able to go to the doctors sometimes grocerie store sometimes and even church.My mother workes so hard working around the house taking care of us! Our great grandmother is 91 years old that we havent seen in over 2 years.We really want to go see her and, she is the oldest one left she took care of all of us.That is our wish and our pray that god give us transportation to get around WE LOVE YOU ALL WE WATCH YOU EVERYNIGHT OUR MOM HAS TO MAKE US GO TO BED

  7. Angela says:

    Well My family is comming in from michigan my family honestley lives off of $700.00 per month so this is a big deal for them to have saved the money to be able to come here however i am very worried that they have not saved enough. Strugling my self i cant make sure they have the gas money they need i have not seen my family in over a year (this is my mom dad, grandma and grandpa) and really would like to see them but im just nervous that they dont have enough We dont have any young kids so we are not going to be doing gifts we just really want to celebrate what the true meaning of christmas is. And that is about and that is being together im not sure that there is anything you can do to help and by all means help people with children first. But if there are anything you think may be possible.

  8. Michelle Young says:

    When will the Frank and Wanda Christmas winner(s) be announced.

  9. Quaineta Parks says:

    Dear Santa:
    I am an African American with two biological young teenagers and two that I will be adopt into my home. I work as a crossing guard for the City of Chicago; I’m single mother. I would love for Santa to help me pay my daughter tuition. My God Bless you
    Thank you!

  10. Shan says:

    Hey Frank and Wanda. I listen every morning and everybody keeps asking for stuff for their children But to be honest my kids kids get all year long and Im gonna ask for a night out on the town for my WONDERFUL HUSBAND(Ricky 28) AND MYSELF(29)…Which is well deserved!!! Because my husband bends and stretches backwards, sideways and forward just for us to have and i want to do something this holiday for home. So if u can help me with ideas or anything PLEASE DO!!! Here’s a little of the many things he does. He works daily but with his job hours being cut its tough on him. Even though i work as well but sometimes its still tough. But my husband volunteers at our childrens school and mentors the 4th and 5th grade who dont have a positive role model in their lives. He has coached our 8 yr old sons basketball team for the last 3 years and I’am very proud of him. He sooo giving to everybody else. if someone needs money or a ride . He gives it to the best of his ability. He takes and picks up our children daily to school.He always says that he will spend time with them before anybody else will because while he’s off and i’m at work he feeds, bathes and assist them with homework. and to others this may seem small but to me it’s a whole lot because i see the woman in my life struggle with childcare, anjd providing But I’am sooooooo blessed to have a young, loving, strong, wisde, caring, gentle man in my life that DOES STAND UP and be the man God made him to be!!! Im proud of him for standing up and taking his responsibilities and making a future for our family, So i LOVE MY HUSBAND WITH ALL MY HEART!!! But even if we arent picked just to know that i have shared my story with someone else to let them know that there are some GOOD STRONG MEN LEFT!!!!
    Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Years.
    Thanks From: Shan, Tavaris 8 and Tiasia 6

  11. Melonde says:

    this is too anyone who can help me my name is melonde i am a single mother of 3 i have my own place i am struggling to keep my lights on i dont have a job so i cant afford to pay my light bill or buy my kids anything for christmas i know its not all about the gifts but i would do anything just to put a smile on their faces i am really in need everyday i sit and cry if my power get turned off what am i going to do but because i have faith and i believe in God i know he wouldnt put more on me than i can bear but times are very hard for me right not i have even lost someone very close too me recently on top of the problems i already have i am asking anyone for help right now during these trying times thank you and may God bless everyone

  12. Melonde says:

    Dear Santa I am a single young mother of three beautiful children I have a 7yr old daughter a 5yr old son and a 3yr old son
    i am in need right not i am unable too provide them with christmas this year my lights are about too get turned off because i dont have the money too pay for the lights too stay on on top of that i just lost a loved one that put extra stress on me i would love for my kids to have a good christmas this year even if i could keep my power on that would make me happy i believe in God and i know he will make a way for me and my kids and may God bless anyone who can help me and my family

  13. antonio hill says:

    hi, wanda my name is antonio hill and im a 17 years old attending grady high school and me and my mom live together and she is a single parent rasing three kids. we havenmt had a good xmas since 2008 my momj has been struggling really bad. xmas is a tragic day for us because thats the day my second oldest brother was killed. he was found dead opn the side of the road in mechanisville with a gun shot hole in the back of his head. ever since then things have been going down hill for me and my family. but we are trying to hold on strong and make it threw and we really need your help to make this the best christmas for us in 2 and a half years. three things i would really love is an play station 3 and ipod touch and clothes and clothes to go back to school. And my mom and family would appreciate if you can really help us this year. merry xmas wanda and a happy new year to you and your family.

  14. Nicole Gomez says:

    Dear Frank and Wanda:
    You two are truly amazing, I love your show and appreciate the upbeat attitude that is so very needed, especially now. I could go on about my situation which to say the least is pretty bad right now. However I’d rather put the focus on a very special couple who happen to be my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Parker. They care for the most amazing little girl named Nia. They’ve had Nia since she was just a couple days old she is now thirteen. As a family we give Nia all the love we can and then some, you see Nia is autistic and nonverbal. My parents have gotten her speech therapist and put her in every program available that is reasonably priced. As sweet as she is she sometimes has uncontrollable fits that make it difficult to help her. Unfortunately not a lot has been learned about autism and there is no cure. However giving up is not an option. My parents take her to Doctors regularly hoping and praying for some new discovery to help her have a normal life. Recently we have found a program that we are determined to put her in. However its very costly and both my parents are retired and on a fixed income. As a family we pull together but everyone is struggling and it seems like no matter how much you work it is never enought. I would love for my parents to have a break. They give so much unconditionally and really are special people. Thank you for your time and for all the wishes you’ve granted….Be Blessed

  15. whitley says:

    Hi my name is whitley i’m a mother of a 3month old and a 4 year old this year has been a diffcult one my infant was born early and was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit in columbus. for 2 months. He came home nov.2 he was diagnosed with hemorrage grade three and was treated with a shunt. But im still in debt i’m about to loose my car and my rent is behind alot even though this is my infant first christmas i would like for him too have a great even my 4 year old due too my infant being born early he lost a lot of priveleges this year . So I could really use this wonderful wish for my family cause this has been a hard year foor us please and thank you!!!

  16. angela cook says:

    i thank GOD for the help an support u all give people every yr. i know i to be true cause one yr going through a dirvoice, an had to have surgery at the same time when a nurse at the hospital called an frank an wanda was at my house the yr of 2003or2004 my kids was small then an now on their own an til this day i thank GOD for the support,my niece need help now the mother of 4kids age 11,8,4,an2 the 4yr old will be 5 on the 26of dec which is the lady of the house i kn that i was lead by GOD hear cause i wrote someone earlier dt know to much about who i sent the email to but was tryin to getin touch the mother name is kamillia cook an need help for them babies i cant help this yr an it hurt when u always been the one to help i cant even pay my rent but thats my bad if u have a little left over please give her some help they live at 3358 tobie circle in scottdale ga. i kn that GOD shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory i give to i dont have to give an now i a dont please if someone can help please do so thank u all in advance an merry xmas to u all.

  17. Shiranda Sneeze says:


  18. Tara says:

    Dear Frank and Wanda,

    First, I would like to say God bless you all for reaching out to others. I watch your show on television and it touches my heart and leave me in tears. I feel that God led me to reach out to you and ask for help with my family this year. I am a married woman with 6 kids, 4 of my own.1 step daughter, and I am currently in the process of getting custody of my nephew (by marriage). I have been unemployed for over six months now and my husband is trying to handle all the bills and things are not looking to good right now especially since we added another mouth to feed. All I want for christmas is for my kids to be granted wishes especially my nephew who has just joined our family and my husband who has been tryng so hard to keep our head above waters. I just feel like my faith has been tested all year long and I really am starting to loose sight. I was in a hit and run accident last month that totaled out my vehicle I had to borrow money and put our family in more debt so that we could get to and from. I just dont know what to do or who to call it is so much going on in my life right now that I can’t type it all if you pick this family I can tell you so much more not as a pity party but just to let people know that the favor of God is still upon me and my family. We have went through so much and though I get weary I know that God will make a way after all he brought my daughter through cancer, made the doctor out of lie when they found a lump in her breast, helped my husband through hard times after his mother passed, and I can’t begin to tell you how he delivered my soul. Glory be to God. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. Bridget says:

    I’ve read some of the things that was said on hear and It makes me appreciate what I do have and thats my kids… I am a 21yrs. old mother of 2 precious little girls, and I still stay home with my moma. Yes I pay bills and make sure everyone in the house have what they need. My mother have gotten custody of a family member’s 2 kids. She’s been had them for 4 yrs. now. That’s part of the reason I decided to do this. This year is extremely hard for me. While im trying to make sure all of the bills in the house are paid, my kids will be going without a Christmas from me. I suffer from depression. So of course not being able to give to my kids is tearing me up inside, Im trying eveything to better myself for my kids but seems like nothing is working. I have no one backing me up. I want to go back to school and obtain my GED, and after that’s done, I want study Forensics. I have goals set and I would like to achieve my goals. I want to be the best mother I can be. Here lately I havent been feeling that way. The feelings went away for awhile but now they are back. I just want to make them proud of me. And make my family and friends of the family proud to claim me. Not asking for pity. I just wanted to tell part of what Im going through. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.

  20. Leisa Stevens says:

    Dear Frank & Wanda:

    My name is Leisa Stevens, and I write to you from the very depths of my heart. My son, Tristen Stevens and I are victims of family violence. We have been for many years. It finally came to an end on November 30, 2010. My husband, Tristen’s father was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a gun during a crime, under the family violence act. His father pulled a gun on him. I thank God that my son was not injured or killed. All of this came about because my husband did not like the way Tristen was blowing the leaves out of the yard. Tristen is a very respectable young man of 16 years. He’s active in the church and he has stepped up to the plate to help me out with paying the bills. Since we do not have the income of my husband, Tristen, now attends another church where he plays the drum to help me pay our bills. Every week, he hands me his meager earnings without taking any for himself. I think this is very commendable of him. My wish is that I could provide him with just one gift. He truly would like to get a Xbox system. I can not get this for him because, I am currently unemployed and trying to make ends meet with unemployment benefits. Please find it in your hearts to help me with this.

    Leisa Stevens

  21. Tammy H says:

    Dear V-103:
    I don’t if it’s too late for request or even if your read this email but my prayer & hope for this christmas is to have my rent paid & 2 buy my 15 year old, my 23 year old ,& my 24 year old; Charlene, Charlie Jr., & Yolanda christmas gifts. I recently have been released from the hospital having had surgery. This is my 3rd surgery & each time it was hard but thanks to God I am still standing, We are a struggling family with my husband being the only one working we are behind in bills sense my surgery we have recieved our eviction not only that we now have to figure out how we are going to pay for my hosptial bills. I have called around looking for help with the answer always being no not at this time unsure what to do I am taking a chance with you but if not then God bless you anyway for all of the people you have already helped & continue to help.

    Respectfully, Tammy

    PS: We are new to the area of GA & only been here for 6 months but through our struggle enjoy & love GA.
    757-284-4011 cell#

  22. Carlecia Opoku says:

    Dear Santa:
    My husband and I just got married and we spent all of our money on our family Thanksgiving trip. He has been a great Husband to me and a great step Dad to my 12 years on Dalyn and two year old daughter Daija. My children are so proud of me for picking someone like him to be a part of our life considering the tough times I had in past relationships. He is so humble, but I know its killing him to see me working only to make enough to pay the bills. If Santa hears my wish; I wish that he will bless us to get our son a desk for his study sessions, bookshelf to keep his room organized and an iPod that he’s been asking for since March. I wish for Daija’s to have some Hair bows, a baby doll and kitchen set. She loves to be in the kitchen with her step Dad. And for my husband I wish him to have some gas money to find a job because I know it won’t be long be he fined a job. As for me, I wish to look my best, feel my best and maybe take the family to a Christmas light show. OXOXOXOXOX Thank you in advance.

  23. Tameeka Davis says:

    Hello Frank and Wanda i no im very late with my request but i only pray that u recieve this request. My name is Tameeka im 28 and a mother of four 3 girls and 1 boy my girls ages are 12,10,5 my son is 10 months recently i have been a victom of domestic violence by my husband in november my husband decided to take his anger out on me i have watched my mother and sister be hit by men and i told myself never me well never say never cause it happened that night i made a choice i think was the right one i had him arrested everyday i looked at my face i didnt even reconize myself my oldest daughter would look at me and cry it hurt her to see me like that no child should have to go through that so i felt like he deserved to be in jail for doing that to me but my choice has put a huge burden on this family things have been hard i just finally got enough money to pay our rent we was goin to be evicted so i had to give every penny therefore i cannot buy my children one gift and that hurts my heart me we have been thru alot in these last two months and to give them just a little christmas would mean so much to them i always get a tree just to have that christmas vibe in the air and i couldnt even get a tree this year they dont say nothing about it but i think they no that christmas aint comming this year i feel like they paying for my choice did i make the right one knowing i cant give them a christmas makes me feel like i made the wrong choice please frank and wanda help me turn christmas around Tameeka 404-520-9065

  24. Tammy Houston says:

    Dear Frank and Wanda. After 10 years I fianally saved up money to move out of my kids grandmother house and got us a house. I lost custody of my kids 10 years ago, because of a stupid mistake I made (leaving them home alone to work). Im now going thru the process of getting custody back. All my bill came in December, and I dont have none left to get them anything.. please help me… 404 2076617

  25. Tia says:

    Dear Frank & Wanda

    I am an out of state college student (but I live in Gwinnett County) who has recently come home to a home in shambles. My single mother now has 9 children (3 adopted) and was forced to move into a larger and affordable home for the sake of the kids. She has also recently escaped an abusive relationship with one of the adopted children’s father, whom she almost lost her life to. My mother is unemployed, receiving SSI, and has yet to receive any money for the adopted children, or child support for the kids that she’s keeping. Her only form of transportation, a 1996 Chevy Suburban, has been extremely hard to upkeep, as it costs over $100, twice a week to fill up. In the past few weeks, this same vehicle has suffered from a shot transmission and therefore cannot be driven at all. Now she is forced to borrow other people’s cars when she can. Despite all her financial struggles she is still making sure that all her children have a wonderful Christmas by putting every other obligation on hold (rent, utilities, vehicle, ect). I am not asking for anything in particular for my mother, but to take at least ONE STRESS away, so that she can feel more at ease, and believe that taking care of 9 children isn’t an impossible task. I can be contacted VIA email or at (770)871-1795.

    My mother is a 39 yr old African-American
    Her children’s ages are as follows:

    1yr, 12yrs, 13yrs, 13yrs, 16yrs, 19yrs, 20 yrs, 21yrs, 21yrs

    Merry Christmas

  26. rosie says:

    Dear Santa
    My name is Rosie and i am a mother of 3 childern. Their name’s are Xaria (5) Anastasia (4) and Steven (3) and my biggest wish is to give them a good Chirstmas this Year but unfortunately my husband and i are unemployed and cant afford gifts. It would mean the world to us if you can make our wish come true because our children mean the world to us. Please help us Santa and thank you for taking the time out to read our letter.
    you can contact me on my email

    Sincerely, Rosie & Steven Perez.

  27. Magnificent points altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What could you recommend in regards to your submit that you simply made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  28. tamika says:

    I wish to have a nice Christmas this year because i haven really struggle to have Christmas this year and with out a job i have been searching to find a job and with the little money that i do get my i have to pay rent and with a baby on the way i’am trying to see where my next meal will be and it very hard for me and i was trying to help my sister out but but i stay with her and she is on a fixed income but with her trying to raise three children and putting one in college her oldest daughter is very hard for us so we do what we can to try to help one each other and also i try to give what i can and has been very hard for us sometime i don’t know where the next meal is going to come from and all i want is to help my sister out with Christmas so we can had a nice Christmas this so please i would love to thank you for listen to me and i just want thank you all the people in my life and to god for blessing me and i would like for him to hear my pray and help me to make a wonderful Christmas this year to help put a smile on my sister face to see her kids get Christmas is year and to let them enjoy this Christmas this year because sister is really trying this year to work very hard to try to find a way to make a Christmas happend for her three kids so frank&wanda please hear my pray thank you

  29. Lequita says:

    Dear Santa,
    My name is Lequita Minefee, and I am 15 years old. My brother Rodney Smith is in Iraq fighting for our country and hasn’t been able to see his son in almost 4 years. The last time my mother and I have seen my nephew Shaddai was 4 years ago for Christmas. That was the first time and last time that we have ever seen him. My brother isn’t a broke down low down father. He truly wants to be a father, and he loves his son so much. It has been a burden on his heart for years. Every year on June 12 we cry because that was the day that Shaddai was born and we can’t even wish him a Happy Birthday. Shaddai lives in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands with his mother. She refuses to let us see him, and when we try and call she doesn’t let us talk to him. We love Shaddai so much and not being able to spend time with him hurts. She wouldn’t even let my brother sign his birth certificate. Also when my brother BJ tried to contact him while my brother was in Iraq a couple of weeks ago, she told him she wanted to see his son and sign his birth certificate so he could get his benefits. She said that no, he doesn’t need you. Rodney cried and the military lawyers said that he has to have someone to represent him out of the Virgin Islands because they cannot help. We need someone to help us get custody of Shaddai. We need a lawyer who knows the laws in St. Croix and can help us get Shaddai back. I know this may not sound like a big problem to some guy who is probably happy that he doesn’t have to take of his kids, but in our case it is something big. We would love to spend Christmas with him or take him on trips. We have missed 6 and half years of his life and we don’t want to miss anymore years to be with him. Please help us to get shaddai back.

    Lequita MInefee

  30. Sontana Pye says:

    HI Frank and Wanda it is amazing how much god has bless the v-103 radio station to be able to help familys that are in need I really look up to you guys my brother and sister in gods eyes, but you guys have so much faith such as myself much respect LOVE THE PYE FAMILY…..

  31. Michelle says:

    I was just reminded by my grown children about the Christmas that I always gave them, and they were beautiful. They reminded me about the story that I told them when i was a little girl. I never had a Christmas or birthday. I remember one Christmas as I prayed to Santa while sitting on the steps after hearing my mother say you are not getting anything for Christmas. I ask santa to help me if I was bad and that i would be very good.. So Early that morning We all ran down to the tree, me and my 3 little sisters and brother all excited and while everyone opened their presents there was nothing there for me. I cried… I havent cried over this in a long time but the other day I cried again… It hurt me… I was an abused child physically and a lot of other things. I have grown up to be an over comer of these things but I just wish that maybe one Christmas that I can look under the tree and feel like that child that received everything that I wanted and also bless my wonderful husband who I would love to give presents too. We try to bless our children every year but besides that he really tries to bless me but we always seem to wait till tax time to bless each other…I love him so much.II don’t even have a tree up this year… I have really never had a happy Christmas experience and I would love to turn this memory around as a grown woman now. Thank you for allowing me to say this, its not easy to ask as an adult. God bless you…

  32. shannon says:

    Dear Frank and Wanda,
    I am a single mother of three an 11 year old boy a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. i know its to late for the christmas wish list im sure, but instead of gifts this year for me and my children i was mabey hoping for a little advice. Let me start off by giving you a breif summary of my situation, i am a single 30 yo mother of 3 i do not receive child support and my sons father is not in the picture , my oldest sons dad is in prison and has been for the last 10 years my youngests sons dad was very abusive and i just recently got out, “thankk goodness” i had a hard time with the split because of the financial burden it was going to cost me, well needless to say i am managing my car will be repossesed but i still have a roof over our heads and food in our tummys…. my major probel now is my oldest son, i think that my ex bofriend had a horrible inpact on him he has turned into this disrepectful boy i cant do anything with him, it saddens me because i know he is a great kid but i thinks he just needs a good role model in his life. he recently got caught with marijuana at school which is a total shock as i dont smoke drink or anything of that nature.. i told the school to let the police take him to jail as a wake up call and they wouldnt because of his age i called the officer to see what my options where and she basically said none…. i have no money at all for help with him he wants to play football i cant do it i cant afford to do anything at all with them it it hurts me because mabey thats what he needs, frank and wanda i know you both do alot for the kids and mabey know of somthing that i can do for mine, if theres any advice you are willing to give me that would be the best christmas present for me and my children..

  33. Michelle says:

    I was just reminded by my grown children about the Christmas that I always gave them, and they were beautiful. They reminded me about the story that I told them when i was a little girl. I never had a Christmas or birthday. I remember one Christmas as I prayed to Santa while sitting on the steps after hearing my mother say you are not getting anything for Christmas. I ask santa to help me if I was bad and that i would be very good.. So Early that morning We all ran down to the tree, me and my 3 little sisters and brother all excited and while everyone opened their presents there was nothing there for me. I cried… I havent cried over this in a long time but the other day I cried again… It hurt me… I was an abused child physically and a lot of other things. I have grown up to be an over comer of these things but I just wish that maybe one Christmas that I can look under the tree and feel like that child that received everything that I wanted and also bless my wonderful husband who I would love to give presents too. We try to bless our children every year but besides that he really tries to bless me but we always seem to wait till tax time to bless each other…I love him so much.II don’t even have a tree up this year… I have really never had a happy Christmas experience and I would love to turn this memory around as a grown woman now. Thank you for allowing me to say this, its not easy to ask as an adult. God bless you…

  34. natalie tate says:


  35. La'La Smith says:

    Hi V103 , My Name is Lacion Smith ,I’m 20 Years Old .|”La’La” For Short| , Today I Witnessed An Entire Family Get There House Burned Down . It Was A Very Hurt Feeling To See That Happen , I Wanted To Give But Me Myself , I Have Nothing To Give I’m Not Working Right Now . It Wasn’t Just A Small Family , They Had There Grandmother & Grand Children & They Children Living There .I Have A Daughter Myself So ,I Really Felt There Pain . To Watch With Them Lose Everything They Had In Minutes . It Happened In Marietta , Ga . Regency Square Apartments , I Recorded It . It Took The Fire Fighters Almost An Hour To Get There When They’re Right Down The Street . I Heard On The Radio You Said That You Were Going To Make A Family Very Happy This Christmas & I Was Hoping Maybe You Could Help Me .

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