rreport1 [VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Wild Chickens On The Loose

Today on the report:

• Wild chickens on the rise in N.O.
• Bobby Brown’s happy he’s off crack
• “Jenny From The Block”  resurfaces on “Idol”
• Kobe to attend a game for gay slur?

Comments (2)
  1. Ryan Cameron is a fool on V-103

  2. ms.c of ga says:

    Everyone is blaming President Obama for the way things are going on now. Have anyone took the time to ask President Bush about the stimlus money that was given out before he left the white house and where did he get it from. Im not going to say I didn’t enjoy receiving it but I felt as if he took it from somewhere else so that the next president would be blamed for all the bad things that is going on now. Have you ever known anyone to give away money to us without any papers being filed or questions being asked nothing is free so now everyone is suffering. Someone please help me where did he get the free money I would love to know the CORRECT ANSWER I really think that it was a set up because he knew a democrats was going to win.

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