It’s not always the sight of blood that does it. Or even gyser-like bleeding. It could be the music that plays right before the bloodshed begins. Or silence at the eeriest of moments.

What makes a movie scary? And what are some of the scariest ever? Take a look at our Top 20 (courtesy of a new movie contributor still figuring out her “stage name”). And feel free to weigh in with your own list in “Comments”.

OK – Have the lights turned down low?

No. 20


He takes Coulrophobia (kool-ruh-foh-bee-uh fear of clowns) to a whole new level!

No. 19


Be careful when you mess with a high school girl determined to win prom queen!

No. 18

“Child’s Play”

Who knew a little doll could be DEADLY?! Get em Chuckie!

No. 17

“Paranormal Activity”

Unexplainable activity? Yeah, but why try to explain it?! Just stay outta the house with stuff you can’t explain!

No. 16

“Blair Witch Project”

Be careful what you look for – You JUST MIGHT FIND IT?!

No. 15


REALLY? You want the son of the DEVIL in the White House?! Classic movie – merges church and state and evil!

No. 14

“The Thing”

It will kill you and take over your body? Pics off all your friends and then still looks exactly like you? Sign me up for this movie!

No. 13

“Interview With A Vampire”

Tom Cruise makes an EXCELLENT vampire! Live forever and still look good?! (Hmmmmmmm, naw – I’ll stay human. Thanks!)

No. 12

“The Shining”

Jack Nicholas has an AX – and knows how to use it!

No. 11


One of my all-time favorites! This is the second in the series with the little girl who was aboard this ship of death! The nastiest and meanest in the series! Girl power rules when you fight an alien!

No. 10

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

1974 movie that makes you run for the hills! Just from the sound of that FIRST chainsaw pull!

No. 9

“Night of the Living Dead”

Make sure you are alive, and not dead, cuz it may be hard to tell when you watch this flick!

No. 8


Still one of the most popular costumes today. Watch all four – but watch who you call your friends

No. 7

“Friday The 13th”

How many “Friday The 13th’s” are there?! However many it is, Jason is always a thriller

No. 6

“Silence of the Lambs”

Claricccccceeeee! Talk about serial killers gone wild! Anthony Hopkins is THE BEST in this movie; and today it will still make you think twice before you park near a cargo van!

No. 5

“Nightmare on Elm Street”

This 1984 classic horror flick reminds you why you can’t go to sleep! You may wake up in the middle of this nightmare with Freddie Krueger. One of the most popular Halloween costumes STILL to this day!

No. 4


After years and years, you can FINALLY go back into the water!

No. 3


A 1978 classic for EVERY Halloween! After you Trick or Treat and put the kids to bed, put this one in the DVD player for old times sake!

No. 2


A 1960 classic. It’s been 50 years folk – you can get in the shower again; but watch the sharp knives!

No. 1


This 1973 classic is the scariest movie EVER! If you can’t count on the men of the cloth to get rid of the demons, then who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?!

  1. The scariest movie ever made was 1960's Black Sunday says:

    The scariest movie ever made was the 1960’s Black Sunday

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