Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we talked about Women Who Date or Marry Men In Prison”! 

The show was action packed as we spoke with Sheila Isenberg the author of “Women Who Love Men Who Kill”, Tasha Davis an Atlanta woman currently engaged to a prisoner, and Dr. Xavier McCaskey the author of the highly controversial article  “Why Women Date Men in Prison?”. Callers from around the nation chimed in to give their perspective, as Tasha Davis openly expressed her love and devotion to her prisoner boyfriend.

Take a listen as Tasha Davis speaks on behalf of the thousands of women who date or marry men in jail!


“Women Who Marry or Date Men in Prison” Part 1:

“Women Who Marry or Date Men in Prison” Part 2:

“Women Who Marry or Date Men in Prison” Part 3:

 “Women Who Marry or Date Men in Prison” Part 4:

 “Women Who Marry or Date Men in Prison” Part 5:

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  1. I really wish I knew about this discussion so I could call in. Where did they find this doctor and if there was supposed to be a discussion of enlightenment, having him ruined that chance. There are a lot of issues that could’ve been discussed in educating women in these relationships on how to research before making these choices, educating themselves in the areas of law, knowing recidivism rates, job opportunities and limitations based on these crimes. There are a number of men in prison for nonviolent crimes, crimes they didn’t commit and crimes that they were unjustly sentenced to terms excessively harsh, especially with black males. All women need to know what is and isn’t acceptable in a healthy relationship and regardless of their housing status we should never settle for less than what we deserve and that is genuine love and respect.

    1. Agnieszka says:

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  2. Skittles35 says:

    There also many good people in prison are not always guilty of the crime they’re convicted for. When the incarceration rate is 1 in every 100 Americans it’s not that huge a leap. There are also men who have gotten an unrealistic sentence that does not suit the crime. Or perhaps a lapse in judgement they made a choice that changed their life forever.
    I’m married to a man in prison.The most beautiful soul in the world. He’s been in prison for a very long time. I married him when he was already in his 15th year. He is loyal, loving, kind, and generous. What more can you ask in a mate? He has never asked me to do anything for him. I do not support him financially. He makes $40.00 a month and he sends home $10.00 because as he says it’s the right thing to do. Prison can be a selfish place. He does not want it in our marriage. In our marriage he brings back his humanity. I know what you are thinking what about going to be together every night. My former husband was in the military. I see the one in prison more often than I ever saw my ex-husband. My ex did not transition to civilian life and he cheated on me so I ended that marriage. This marriage yes we do get FAMILY VISITS. They are no longer called conjugal. Six times a year we can be together for 46 hours in a trailer. These visits are for the whole family. An unmarried man can get these visits with his parents, brothers and sisters, or his children. Using the word conjugal gets the public in an uproar. If my husband was a snake charmer he would of married long ago to take advantage of these visits. Because honestly there is a huge groupie following with prison inmates. Of course I’ve seen the type of woman that you’re speaking of. Usually that type is the one that likes to draw attention to themselves and it’s usually the negative kind. There are many normal and healthy marriages while incarcerated. I have never been physically or emotionally abused by any man. My former marriage drifted apart after we came together. It was a mutual divorce. I have an adult daughter who is married. I had a long marriage to a military officer before this marriage. To say that because all woman that date or chose to marry someone they feel in love with while that man was incarcerated means she is unbalanced is too broad a stroke. Just like any relationship that is uncommon and unknown it’s attacked. Not too long ago interracial marriages were condemned. Same sex marriages. Any marriage can be harmful. If my husband was a horrible monster or a threat to society I would not have married him. He has helped me to think outside the box. I’m a better woman to have loved this man. Would I tell other woman this is the route to go. All I can say is it’s not for the faint of heart. As for all who condemn me. FU you don’t pay my bills. I’m a educated woman with a fantastic job. We all are not on welfare no matter what you may think. This article is insulting from someone who is “Rev.Dr. Xavier McCaskey is a political and social activist and is the CEO of S.A.F.E which stands for Social And Political Activist For Everybody this group is dedicated to being the new voice of the weak and wrongly accused.” Not to mention is many spelling errors for someone who supposedly has a doctorate. I think they buy them over the Internet now!

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