Mindless Behavior called in to The Takeover with Lil Bankhead and DJ Infamous to premiere their new single “Hello”!

Check it out! Comments welcomed!

Comments (12)
  1. lola says:

    OMG mindless behavior I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zaria says:

    I missed it, but I’m glad I had the chance to hear it here.

  3. Lois Laelle says:

    you guys are just unique

  4. Rosemarie says:

    o.m.g Love this song ‘ hello’ Love u Mb u rock u da Best….ur mindless Chick Rosemarie.

  5. davina says:

    love your songs

  6. chloe mitchell says:

    you guys r doin so well

  7. @Trey_Boo_Thang says:

    you guys look so handsome

  8. mauii says:

    i think this son gis nice i really love ray ray say something back to me and can yall follow me on twitter plz:)

  9. Woahh!! But when was this? cause they sound recent 🙂 anyways I wish I was there 3 PEACE n follow me on twitter at @Sheldine guys BYE :)) <– double butt chin 🙂

  10. Hold on IM THE FIRST ONE TO POST YAY I guess im the only one that love MB ❤ OK follow me on twitter at @Sheldine1 ma-bad i wrote it wrung hahahaha 🙂 PEACE OUT CHALL, n I hope we could chill one day… PS: LOVE YOU GUYS, especially Roc/Trey <143 guys <143

  11. brianna mockerman says:

    i loe lisening to their music and watching their videos. Hello is one of my top fav videos my first is v-day girl:)

  12. okay well for starters i really love u guys with all my heart and soul……i am so anxous to meet u guys pleas follow me @143.princetons#1girl

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