A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. You have lots of questions – here are some to remember to ask your doctor(s). And you may want to bring a family member or friend with you to your appointments, to listen and help take notes.

  1. What stage is my cancer?
  2. Can you tell if this is a fast-growing type of cancer, or a slow-growing type?
  3. What tests will I have?
  4. When should I expect the results from these tests?
  5. What will these tests tell me about my cancer?
  6. How long after I have these tests will I know the results?
  7. If I need to get copies of my records, scans, X-rays, whom do I contact?
  8. Do I have to do anything special to prepare for the tests?
  9. Do these tests have any side effects?
  10. How many doctors will be involved in my care? Who are they? What are their roles?
  11. Who will be in charge of coordinating my care and the rest of the doctors?
  12. What is the standard treatment for my type of cancer?
  13. Are there any other treatments that might be appropriate for my type of cancer?
  14. What treatment do you recommend? On what do you base your recommendation?
  15. What are the risks or benefits of the treatment you are recommending?
  16. How long does each treatment last?
  17. How long is the entire course of therapy?
  18. What type of results should I expect to see with the treatment?
  19. What will it feel like to get treated?
  20. Can someone accompany me to my treatment?
  21. Can I drive to and from my appointments? Is parking available?
  22. Can I stay alone after my treatments, or do I need to have someone stay with me?
  23. Are there any lifestyle changes you would recommend?

Provided by the WellStar Cancer Network. wellstar.org


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