Kenny Burns: For a long time now we have been playing this artist’s music on “The Playlist of LiFE” segment of The Kenny Burns Show and last night at Center Stage in Atlanta we finally got the opportunity to see him perform these soon-to-be classics…LiVE!

kennyburnsandtheweeknd large1 The Dream Is Real   Because The Weeknd Arrived On A Wednesday!

For the life of me I couldn’t understand fully why The Weeknd hadn’t come to the US to perform, because of the overwhelming underground buzz and massive downloads of his three GENIUS mixtapes: “HOUSE OF BALLOONS”, “THURSDAY” & “ECHOES OF SILENCE.”

But after talking with Abel (The Weeknd) and CashUp (his manager), I found out that the reason they hadn’t come earlier was because of a Visa situation.

As a veteran in the music business – and a true fan of all of The Weeknds’ music – I wanted to see his performance live to cement my full belief of him as an artist.

Not only did I believe him as an artist in his performance, I will go on record as saying that he could very well be one of the GREATS of this new talented generation of musicians!

Seldom have I’ve seen a new artist sell his music live the way he did. He moved like a superstar. Had moments of slight simulation for the ladies and presence. Dynamic musical peaks throughout the show and most importantly… HE SOUNDED LiKE HiS RECORDS… LiVE!

CHEERS to Toronto and My new XO Family.

The DREAM is ReaL.


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