Egypt: “I’m Desperate To Have A Baby So I Decided To…”

One of my girlfriends called me last night with a MAJOR life decision. She’s 36 and will be 37 this year, has wanted kids for a long time and is not married or dating anyone.

I was floored to find out what she decided to do!

She decided to have a child entirely on her own and she’s going to do it by sperm donation.

No not insemination – I’m talking “the old school way.”

In her words, “even if I meet someone today it may take 2-3 years to get married, 4 or more to have kids, and by then I will be over 40 and the risks are increased or I may not even be able to have any by then.”

I knew exactly where this idea came from. Her co-worker is now married and has been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. She’s 44 and the doctor just told her that she cannot carry a child. Needless to say, she had a complete meltdown because she gave most of her life to WORK instead of having work/life balance and now she’s stripped of what she wanted most.

So anyway, my girlfriend asked a male friend to give his sperm “the old”fashioned way” since artificial insemination is so costly.

YES they are going to get BUSY!

However, an attorney is drafting up legal papers that say he (the donor) will not be financially responsible for the child, nor will he have any parental rights.


She’s smart, great job, has health insurance, a house, and a lot of love to give. Parents have raised babies on less. Not to mention, there are many doing it on their own anyway and NOT BY CHOICE!

I say DO THE DAMN THANG! If that’s what she really wants then live by your own rules-be the master of your own destiny and TAKE what you want from this life.


One Comment

  1. c says:

    who will u have 2 support u y not adopt u bac will start 2 hurt u will get lazy n u will b havin a baby alone dnt do so many kids need home turn it on fox 5 n get a wednesday child who need a home n lv nsttead messin ur body i didnt mess my body up 2 kids 4 me

  2. bruce says:

    Damn, wish I could find someone like that. I am a 40yr old male with no kids and not married or dating

  3. Tie Bennett says:

    Wow. I understand her wanting to have a child. However regardless of her financial situation, the father needs to be involved. A child has the right and deserves to have both a mother and a father in his or her life. Parenting is no joke! There are many single mothers out here but trust me when I tell you, it’s not easy. It takes a village to raise a child.

    1. egyptsherrod says:

      I agree that father’s should be involved under most circumstances. But this is a unique situation isn’t it?

  4. lillybelle says:

    And this is why in the USA we have “Adoption Agencies”……duh…

  5. egyptsherrod says:

    Not everyone wants to adopt. Although it IS an option, you can’t fault a woman for wanting to have a child of her own lineage.

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