Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to your daily fight!

Anyone who is following or has ever followed a dream knows that it will be tested almost daily. Whether it’s all the obstacles that you have to deal with while pursuing your dream or the close friends & family who make it obvious that they don’t believe.

Or how about the countless distractions disguised as great opportunities that have nothing to do with your goal or aspiration that are put in your life to throw you off?

Understand that all of these things are meant to test your commitment and to see how bad you want your dream to materialize.

Nothing can and will stand in the way of a dreamer who refuses to let go of that dream!

Stop putting time limits on your success! If it’s worth having then it’s worth fighting or actively waiting for!

I once heard someone say “when you stop dreaming is when you start dying” – and I believe it!

Dreams are the fruit of life. They are what give life meaning and purpose. They are what makes it worth living.

When you stop dreaming you lose a piece of you that is vital for growth and happiness.

So DREAM BIG and dream in color!


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