Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK fired off a few rounds at his label head, Jimmy Iovine, for forcing him to record the song “Invincible” with Ester Dean. In the process of his verbal assault, rappers like B.o.B. and Eminem took incoming from the caustic rapper.  

“First off, I hated the song,” he told Tampa’s WILD. “It was brought to me by corporate America. Jimmy Iovine was like hey, first off they didn’t even come to me with the song, it was like a contest between the Interscope rappers like Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar and myself, which I [later] found out.” 

The song features singer/songwriter Ester Dean and is the first off MGK’s forthcoming Bad Boy debut Lace Up. It’s a hip-hop power ballad that was produced by Alex Da Kid. The track gained traction when it was featured on a Verizon HTC commercial and is currently picking up at radio. 

Despite the success of the song, MGK still fumes over the record and his forced involvement. 

“I told my manager, ‘Don’t you dare make this into a song.’ Then we get a email, ‘Jimmy [Iovine] wants you to records a second verse to this and it has a hook on it.’ I don’t operate like that. I hate cookie cutter songs, like B.o.B. [and Hayley Williams] with ‘Airplanes,’ like [Eminem and Rihanna’s] ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ You weren’t there making the song with each other. I write all my hooks…I was offended… I never talked with Ester in my life. I never talked to Alex Da Kid, who makes cookie cutter records.” 

He went on to explain how he was duped into recording the song. He was told that he was to fly to LA to meet Lil Jon, who he had been trying to get on his album. When he arrived, instead of Lil Jon, Alex Da Kid, the producer of “Invincible,” was there asking him to re-record the verses. 

“I was like how about you go and screw yourself,” MGK said. After allegedly being told his album would get shelved if he didn’t comply, MGK simply went to sleep. “I woke up the next morning and had breakfast,” he said. “I thought about my friends and my kids.”

He wrestled with the idea before returning to the studio to rap out his frustrations.

“I took all my anger out on that verse,” he said. “It gives me Eminem chills…There is so much pain and triumph behind that song. We did all that and came out on top. [The radio acceptance] shows we really are invincible.”

Listen to the entire interview at Wild 94.1 and check out the video for “Invincible” below. –Erik Parker, CBS Local


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