Nelly has finally spoken out about the drug bust last week where heroin and weapons were found on his tour bus. The St. Louis rapper stands by his innocence and pumps up his latest business venture–nutrition supplements. 

Aside from a Twitter rant, in which Nelly expressed his anger, the multi-platinum St. Louis rapper has remained silent on the recent detention. Nelly, who was in Atlanta to celebrate girlfriend Ashanti‘s birthday, explained to  V-103/Atlanta what happened after he was pulled over and searched by border patrol

“Certain stuff we can say and certain stuff you can’t say until all that is cleared,” Nelly told V-103’s Kenny Burns. “We got pulled over and things were noticed as far as K-9 abilities and things went in stages from there. It was kind of wild…When they asked, ‘Whose is this,’ I can tell you who it ain’t.” [Listen to entire interview here.]

At the time, all members of Nelly’s party were detained until one admitted that the drugs belonged to him. The Sierra Blanca, Texas  patrol officers have also nabbed other celebrities for illegal substances, including Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Fiona Apple. 

“It ain’t a good spot to come through with anything you ain’t supposed to have,” Nelly said. “Everything happened so fast. It’s one of those situations where you’re squinting your eyes like, Is this really happening?…There was no way I would jeopardize what Nelly has built for the last 14-15 years being in the situation I was accused.”

As he expressed a desire to move past the events, Nelly also revealed his plans to launch a line of vitamin supplements. 

“I got the supplements on the way,” he said. “People they got their comments, ‘He’s doing Steroids.’ I ain’t doing no steriods. But I’m doing this. And it can be yours.”

[Check out the entire interview here.] —Erik Parker, CBS Local



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