“I got all eyes on me like Pac did/But I ain’t trying to go broke like Joc did”
– Gucci Mane, from the single “[Expletive] The World”

On his new mixtape “Trap God” Gucci Mane took a musical jab at Young Jeezy, and Jeezy reportedly – and rather crudely – questioned the artist born Radrick Davis’s mental stability.

On the same compilation another fellow Atlanta rapper – T.I. – comes under fire, and in another radio station interview he basically ignores the verbal bullets.

Now yet another “Trap God” target – Yung Joc – has addressed the attack on record, and his response: “Keep dissin’ – please.”

“Gucci, if you listening, dog, ‘I love you man,’ ” the Grammy Award-nominated artist behind the No. 1 Billboard single “It’s Goin’ Down” told V-103’s Loud Pack Saturday.” ” ‘Diss me again. Do it some more.’ Matter of fact, somebody need to call up Gucci right now. Hit him on Instagram. Hit him on Twitter. ‘Gucci, you need to go in harder. Diss Joc some more. Because if it’s gonna get people talking about me, blowing my social media status up, do it some more man. But this time, go harder!’ ”

The Loud Pack’s DJ Kash – who admitted on the air that he was friend of both Joc and Gucci’s – expressed relief that Joc was taking the high road, rather than engage in a hip-hop back-and-forth.

Joc explained: “The homie Gucci, it sounds like he dissed me – which he did – but guess what? Listen to the name of the song: ‘F The World.’ That’s what [he’s] on right now.”

“I mean one thing you’ve got to give Gucci credit for: The guy is a master at getting his name in your mouth.”

Watch Joc go on to explain to Kali Swagg of the Loud Pack why it’s not very “Atlanta” to take this as more than entertainment.

(Though he also promises he will have a musical reply to Gucci – in kind).

– Sonia Murray, CBS Local

yungjocscreenshot [VIDEO] Yung Joc On Gucci Mane: It Sounds Like He Dissed Me   Which He Did   But...


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