Somewhere between taking his oldest son to the mall for his birthday, and coming to V-103 to promote his new mixtape, somebody decided to pick a fight with Rocko.

And as that somebody learned pretty quickly: “Rocko ain’t on the foolery.”

So after he claims an unidentified male followed him and his son from one end of Lenox Square to the other – all while threatening his brother, fellow Atlanta rapper Futuresomething transpired, and they both ended up detained, Rocko told The Loud Pack.

“I hate it had to happen like that,” he recalled minutes after the incident.

But “this dude, he was like, ‘Yo tell Nayvadius I’ma beat him up…So I’m thinking he’s calling my brother by his real name, his government name, I’m thinking he’s got history with him.

“But then I look at his face [and] he dead serious. This man really gonna come to me and pose a threat to my brother, though?! Future – that my brother! We don’t play about Future.”

Hear Rocko give Lil Bankhead, DJ Kash and Kali Swagg the blow-by-blow…

rockoandtheloudpack You Might Get Into A Fight With Rocko If...


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