Nowadays people sue for anything!

I was strolling through Facebook and saw this story. Then, because I was in utter disbelief, I Googled it for verification. 

OK this is the craziest thing I have ever heard.

So this man named Feng met and married a woman; soon after they had a child. Now because he was so attractive (so he said) – as was his wife – he just knew his child was going to be gorgeous. However when his daughter was born he said she was ugly!

Now here is a photo of the baby

ugly baby blogtimesunion Wanda Smith: This Man Got Paid Because Of What?!

Now the story goes on he initially felt as if there was some infidelity because the baby did not look like either of them. So needless to say a DNA test was administered and proved that the baby was actually his, and this is when the “UGLY” truth really fell out: After the test the wife admitted to having over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery!

Feng said that the baby was so ugly that it began to horrify him, at which time he decided to sue his wife. He claimed that he married her for love, but was deceived into believing she was beautiful and that was not fair.

Well a judge agreed and she had to pay Feng $120,000! Really? Are you kidding me? This blew my mind something serious – and then I saw her before and after photos

ugly wife Wanda Smith: This Man Got Paid Because Of What?!

Now there are significant changes; and she almost looks like a totally different person.

So what do you think? Was this fair. Should the husband have sued – and more importantly should he have won?

The baby looks fine to me. I truly see it as an exaggeration; and furthermore, who says that the baby will grow up to look like her?

This is so messed up because essentially this child will grow up and at some point realize that she was a part of this media circus, how her father truly felt about her, what was done to her mother as well as how she was viewed by the world.

This is a complete mess! So please comment and tell me what you all think.


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