Wanda Smith: “He Just Gave Away 5 Million Dollars?!”

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, right?

Well this man did; then had it stolen from him right in front of his face!

In March of 2006 a man, father of two who is a maintenance worker in the local security buildings, decided while in the Green Ale Market to buy a $500,000,000.00 scratch off.

After revealing all the numbers he sees that he has won and to a friend exclaims: “I just won $5,000!” After which the friend says, “No you won $5,000,000!”

The man responds, “No, that’s impossible” and then turns to the cashier and says “Well which one of us is right?”

The cashier says, “Yeah he is right, it’s only $5,000,” then offers to give the gentleman $4,000 so as to avoid taxes and fees by claiming it through the lottery commission.

The man agrees takes the $4,000 and leaves. The two brothers whom are working in the store then hold the ticket until recently to cash it in. Upon arriving at the New York Lottery Commission the brother exclaims: “I am willing to take a lesser amount so as to avoid the post- winning interview and the media postings.”

This made the lottery commission very suspicious. So to hold the men off they decide to post in the local newspaper about the winning ticket, hoping that the true winner would see it and remember and then come forward.

Well it worked, and he did!

But the story doesn’t end there. These two brothers

article ashkar lottery 1114 Wanda Smith: He Just Gave Away 5 Million Dollars?!

Andy and Nayel Ashkar are now being charged with second degree grand theft larceny, fourth degree conspiracy as well as first degree of criminal possession of stolen property.

The two, however, while being held for arraignment maintain their innocence and plan to plead not guilty; citing that they legitimately purchased this ticket themselves from their parent’s store.

The man – who will not have his name released until this is over – said he had a nagging feeling he had been cheated but could never prove it, so he remained quiet.

“WOW” is all I can say.

I mean, how much more corrupt can people be?

Then on the other hand, I feel like this happened because he wouldn’t listen to a friend and he was afraid to pay some taxes?!

I don’t know who to be more afraid of them for seizing a corrupt opportunity or him for being in such a mess because he was trying to cheat Uncle Sam!

I will follow this closely and keep you all up to date on how this all turns out.

Who do you think is going to win?


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