After all the controversy surrounding The Game‘s Jesus Piece album art, the outspoken rapper chalks up the chatter to one big misunderstanding. It is not a picture of gangster Jesus on the cover, Game recently explained, but “Super Freak” singer Rick James “in Jesus’ clothes.”

“I’m a big fan of Rick James,” The Game told Jenny Boom Boom from Hartford’s 93.7. “I thought I would put him on my album cover and put a rag around his neck and put him in Jesus’s clothes. Everybody thinks that’s Jesus but that’s Rick James. Why are you offended?”

While Game is known to be controversial and flex a sly sense of humor, he was making a greater point with this latest revelation.

“You’ve never seen Jesus,” Game continued. “You cant say that’s not Jesus. You’ve never seen Jesus. You know why I put the rag on his face, because I didn’t want anyone saying I put Jesus on the cover of the album, so I covered his face. That’s not Jesus, that’s Rick James with a rag on.”

[Check out the entire interview here.]

Back in October, Game released the cover art for his new album, and sparked a fire storm of of negative criticism following the release of the cover art for his upcoming album Jesus Piece.

The image shows Jesus Christ with a blinged-out necklace and a “Jesus piece” medallion hanging around his neck; a tattoo tear on his cheek; and wearing a red bandanna mask, which represents Game’s Blood gang affiliation.

After the cover-gate controversy, Game issued a new image for his album art and announced that the “Jesus” cover would only be available for the deluxe edition. The new standard cover displays a picture of his brother, Jevon, who was killed at age 21 after being shot in a gas station. The words “In Loving Memory Of…” introduce the picture. Under the image of Jevon, these dates appear: “Born 12-23-74  Died 5-21-95.”

The Game dropped Jesus Piece Tuesday (December 11). Check out the entire interview here. —Erik Parker, CBS Local


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