Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to Doing Things For Ourselves.

I said this four years ago and I will say it again: President Barack Obama is only one man!

Yes he is the leader of the free world and as the leader he has a great responsibility of moving our economy forward. But ultimately the onus is on us to change ourselves and do the things that will help us move forward.

Often times we are too reliant on a person, a system, a job, a relationship…

You name it – We tend to think that things are owed to us and that we must wait until they are given.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream…

It’s his voice that resonates. But it also took the actions of many to see real change in this country.

A dream alone stands for nothing…

Eventually we have to take action if we want it to materialize.

Go get it!
If you want it then take it!
If it’s yours then go get it!

We are in control and we are the only people that we can rely on for sure.

Give up your power if you will, but don’t sit and complain when life is not exactly how you want it. Only you can make your life better.


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