Am I the only one who finds it troublesome that the most talked about thing at the inauguration was whether or not Beyonce lip-synched.

It has been the most discussed trending topic in Twitterverse for the past 2 days.

As she performed, the camera panned across a sea of over a million people who were in attendance.

It was a sea of heads- Black, White, Asian, and Indian. I thought to myself oh my GOD- I would wet myself if I had to sing in front of all of those people.

But nonetheless, she showed up and showed out like only Beyonce can! I was in awe as she belted out our nation’s anthem-flawlessly. Not for one second did it appear that she was lip-synching. There was even a moment when she took the ear prompter out of her ear.

At that moment the tonality of her voice changed so lip-synching never crossed my mind.

A midst the debates, I watched the tape at least 12 times to see if there was even a slight hint that she was faking.

I’m sorry, but if she was faking- she must have been practicing since she was five.

So where is this coming from?

This all started because the captain of the marching band suggested it was all pre-recorded, only today to retract his comment saying, –

“It was determined that a live performance by the band was ill advised so we used a pre-recorded track for the band’s portion.”

So what that tells me is that THEY FAKED IT! But that doesn’t mean she did.

I asked the listeners what they thought.

Jeremy said:

“If she lip-synched I couldn’t tell. It was beautiful, but I’ve heard better from her so why would they pre-record a performance that’s a 7 instead of a 10?”

Tanya said:

“Maybe she did, but it’s not something that hasn’t been done. I mean, the way Aretha Franklin sounded like she was coughing up a chicken bone at the first inauguration, I would think it was mandatory to pre-record.”

Well, the people have spoken. Beyonce did a wonderful job! And don’t talk about Aretha. It was cold!


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