Welcome to Real Talk!
This is simply a candid, open-forum conversation about things our audience deems important – be it a recap of a reality or primetime television show, someone’s dress at the Grammys, thoughts on a ratchet video on World Star Hip Hop, or something that happened on Kelly and Michael! Real thoughts, real opinions, real women, real talk! Anything can be the basis of our conversation, but for now, we’re starting with Scandal!
And HOLY FITZ! The president was on one last night. In this week’s conversation, we discuss this unbelievable episode! Here we ask the crucial questions like: ‘who knew the judge got down like that?’ and ‘IS that baby really Fitz’s baby?’ or ‘When will Olivia Pope step away from this forbidden love and finally be able to stop making that distressed mistress face?’
Check out the video below to see what was covered when Mo Ivory, Olivia and Candace from Promotions, and finance associate Donisha gathered for some Real Talk!
A quick guide before you start the video below: here at CBS Radio Atlanta, we have nicknames for a few of the characters on Scandal. Just to be clear, when ‘Judge Judy’ is mentioned, we mean Verna Thornton. When we say ‘Bill Cosby’, we are referring to Olivia’s neglected boyfriend, Edison. The nickname ‘Messy Mellie’ is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you get confused, we mean Mellie when we say that.
If you’re a Scandal fan and would like to join our Twitter conversation on Thursday nights, be sure to follow @V103Atlanta and tag your tweet with #V103ATLGladiators.


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