Egypt: Handle Your “SCANDAL” – Was Olivia Pope Reduced To A House Slave?

Last night’s episode of Scandal was the epitome of salaciousness! (Did I spell that right? I don’t even care).

I guarantee you, the big debate today will be the hot, dirty, electrical closet sex scene between President Fitz and Olivia Pope.

After avoiding her for 10 months, they were forced to come face to face during Cyrus’s daughters’ christening.

I guess the intensity of the moment was too much for Fitz.

As Olivia raced to leave the place, he chased after her, threw her into an electrical closet, ripped her clothes off, spun her around, and thrust himself into her.

(Even I wanted a cigarette after that episode – and I don’t even smoke).

But the excitement of their reunion was almost immediately foiled by Fitz’s response to their sexcapade.

Olivia: I’m sorry for defiance
Fitz: No, I’m sorry, that will never happen again
Olivia: what do you mean?
Fitz: We are done, just because I can’t control my erections around you, doesn’t mean I forgive you.I DON’T WANT YOU! WE ARE DONE!

Whoaaaaaaa! What a blow. That was a game changer. It changed the way I felt about their entire relationship.

Has the great Olivia Pope just been reduced to a house slave?

That’s the way I felt after watching last night.

Thoughts? Is Fitz justified in his treatment of Olivia, considering she deceived him?

Need Even More “Scandal”?


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