In today’s edition of “Rewind,” we dissect Kanye West‘s infamous “European Tirade Tour” and ask if a 9-year-old rapper is being abused by his own raps.

While Kanye’s on-stage rants have become a ritual fans have come to expect (or demand), deciphering those sometimes coded words has led to some confusion about West’s intent. Did he Diss Jay-Z and/or Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit & Tie,” as some reports claimed? Is he possessed by the spirits of deceased geniuses, as he claimed? And what does President Obama have to do with all of this?

We may have to wait for yet another Kanye rant for clarity–or more confusion. In the meantime, there is the matter of Lil Poopy to be cleaned up.

As previously reported, the father of a 9-year-old Braxton, Massachusetts rapper is under investigation for his son’s rap videos that show the child rolling with the swagger of a rapper well beyond his years. Lil Poopy can be seen in his rap videos spanking a woman on the butt and running with the Coke Boys crew, which is headed by P. Diddy‘s protégé French Montana

After viewing Poopy’s videos, the Brockton police filed a report that will allow the state Department of Children and Families to investigate alleged abuse or neglect. 

Also in this edition, Talib Kweli speaks on his relationship with Kanye West and how West’s collaborative process is not too far from Diddy’s. All rants aside, it’s what makes Kanye’s genius claim a credible one.


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