OK, it’s time to hear from a proud hair weave-wearing woman!

This blog was inspired by my sister in the radio world, Mo Ivory, who wrote a very provocative article titled: “Ladies…Who Is Hiding Under Your Weave?”

So let me tell you who I am – in relationship to my weave…

First and foremost, let me tell you that I love my weave! I like it thick and long. I probably have six bags of hair on my head.

Mo’s article starts off by saying that March is Women’s History Month which makes it the perfect time to invite women to come out under their weaves. Is that statement suppose to imply that I am not a history-making woman if I decide to wear my weave in the month of March? I hope not, because that would just be a dumb statement altogether.

There are three things black women do not play around with and they are, their children, their man and their hair.

“Real Hair vs Hair Weaves” has become the new “Dark Skin vs Light Skin” in the black community.

Conversations about hair have always been a very sensitive topic in the black community.

But ladies, it’s time that we stop the madness and stop jugding each other based on how we decide to wear our hair.

Your hair – whether weaved or natural – should not define you. Your character should.

Again, speaking for myself, my weave is conducive to my lifestyle. As a radio personality, and with a growing TV career in motion, it just makes sense for me.

My workout schedule is also another reason. I work out four times a week, and I run five times a week. My real hair would not last a day with my schedule.

Of course there are women who are also on TV and work out as hard as I do who do not wear a weave and I say, “More Power To Them!” For each their own.

In the end no one is really right or wrong because it all boils down to personal preference.

It’s simple: I wear a weave because I want to. Point blank period.

Whether my weave is in or out I still know I am the baddest chick to ever walk the planet. I do not say that in a conceited way, I say that in a confident way and I hope you feel the same way about yourself.

There is only one you, and no one can do you like you – so do YOU.

If you want to wear your hair blonde with purple highlights throughout, I probably would not like it, but who cares; if that’s what you like.

As women we spend so much time talking about our differences and pointing out each others flaws as opposed to lifting each other up. You are not more righteous in the black community if you decide to wear your natural hair and I decide to wear six packs of weave on my head.

The question shouldn’t be: Why is she wearing all that hair?

Your concern should be: What is she doing to make this world a better place?

And on that note I would like to end by paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. .

“I have a dream that one day I will live in a nation where women will not be judged by whether their hair is real or fake, but by the content of their character.”

*Flips weave from side to side and goes about her business…

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)


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