I am a HUGE Beyonce fan.

In fact, some of my co-workers – Ryan Cameron and Big Tigger – think that I may need help with “my Beyonce obsession,” as they call it.

So how do I feel about her new song, “Bow Down”? I LOVE IT!

When I first heard it I was screaming, YESSSSS!

To me, it’s about time that Beyonce has put on her “Kanye West” ego hat, as I like to call it, and let all the haters know that she is THE QUEEN. Point blank, period.

Rappers do it all the time, and have since hip-hop started. So why can’t “King Bey” do the same?

There is a lot of talk about whether or not this song is demeaning to women because she uses the “B-word” several times throughout.

Honestly, I do not understand what the big deal is? It’s just a word that many people use all the time. Get over it already!

Yes, it’s not a song that you may want your little girl to sing; but does she always have to make a song that your little girl can sing?!

Let’s be clear: Beyonce is not talking to all women in this song when she uses the the “B” word. She is talking to the women who think they can dethrone her from her crown.

Plenty of singers for years have made subliminal jabs at Beyonce in their songs. And Beyonce finally has taking off her “Mary Poppins Perfect Girl” crown and letting all those ladies have it.

Again, I LOVE IT!

And I especially love the promotional picture for “Bow Down,” where a little Beyonce is encircled with trophies.

Basically she is saying that she has been succeeding for a long time; don’t get it twisted. Respect it.

And I seriously look at this song as another woman’s empowerment song.

It is a song that all women can apply to their own lives.

For example, imagine you have been at your job for ten years and then a younger girl gets hired and has this attitude that she is going to take your spot…

“Bow Down” would be your anthem.

Or imagine you have been with your guy for over twelve years, you have three beautiful kids together and there is another woman who thinks she can take your man…

“Bow Down” would be your anthem.

Recently I was on “ShowBiz Tonight” and host AJ Hammer and I were discussing this song and he stated that some people think that Beyonce is trying to keep up with Rihanna by being vulgar and raunchy with “Bow Down.”


Check out the video to see what I had to say about that!

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