After watching Part 1 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s” Reunion Show I was so bothered by Kenya Moore‘s inappropriate behavior (although part of me DID like the fan) I decided to write this letter:

Dear Kenya Moore,

I was once one of your biggest fans, but now I must tell you that you have truly disappointed me.

As a brown skin girl growing up in Waterbury, CT I truly admired you for all your accomplishments. You represented us “chocolate” girls so well. You made us all proud to be “dark skin” young ladies.

Personally, you helped me believe in myself during my adolescent years. You gave me the confidence to believe that I was just as beautiful as my friends who were of a lighter complexion. You showed me that brown skin girls could wear all shades of colors on our skin tone, not just browns and blacks; which I only wore for a very long time.

I always smiled hard when I saw you on the cover of any magazine, screaming silently, “Go Kenya!” And I loved how similar our names are. People sometimes even mistakenly called me “Kenya,” which in the past I would take as a compliment. But not anymore.

After witnessing your behavior on the first episode of the reunion show I have decided that I am no longer Team Kenya Moore. A part of me wants to believe that you were just acting for the cameras. Deep down inside I want to believe that it was your goal to be the most memorable cast member from this past season (which I think you were) and that the behavior we all saw on Sunday night was truly not a representation of your true character. You were, in a sense, “acting.”

If that is the case, I still can not say that I agree with your behavior at times, but I would at least understand it. But if indeed the woman we all witnessed on “Atlanta Housewives” known as Kenya Moore was truly being herself than I hate to admit that I was ever a fan.

I will admit, I first started to look at you differently when you were caught on camera flirting with Phaedra‘s husband Apollo. But the final straw was last night when I witnessed the comments you made to Phaedra about her body. I can’t quote you verbatim, but in so many words you actually told Phaedra that your body is better than hers. Not only was that a hurtful thing to say, it was also a tasteless and classless thing to say to another woman. Especially a woman who is pregnant.

Now know this: I am on average a size 2 in woman’s clothing, which means I am pretty small girl. I believe, according to your standards, I would fit the “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” requirements. And I say that to explain I was not offended by your comments to Phaedra from a “big girl’s” perspective, I was offended from a woman’s perspective.

The pressure to be beautiful and in shape is so hard for us women. And as I mentioned, I am small but I have to work HARD to maintain my size. The pressure to look “perfect” for some of us ladies is real and your comments did not make it any easier for women like myself.

It breaks my heart to know that one of my childhood idols isn’t all that nice of a person. I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that you are a beautiful woman on the outside but your inside sure could use a makeover.

I wish I could go back to those days when I would see your face on a cover of a magazine and be so proud to see you looking “fabulous,” as you would call it. Now when I see your face a sense of disappointment comes across my heart.

Nevertheless, I still wish you the best and I pray that GOD changes your heart to become a better person.

Kendra G


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