On Tuesday residents of a Hardee St apt complex in NE Atlanta protested an arrest that got out of hand.

“About 13, 14 police cars, just started beating him, beating him in the face, trying to break his leg, spraying him with mace, hitting him with a stick, and they just did him all wrong and he ain’t did nothing,” said Anthony Jenkins.

Cell phone video shot by “CopWatch,” a police watchdog group, shows officers trying to restrain a man and take him into custody. In the video, the man is seen resisting the arrest and swinging at officers. Police then responded with pepper spray and their batons.

Police say there were bricks and hammers thrown at their police cruisers when they responded to reports of a gathering at the same apartment complex.

Sgt Lyon of the APD said, “They backed out of the area. There must have been maybe 50 people and not that many officers. They basically retreated, not to escalate the situation and for their own safety and everybody else’s.”

Residents say they were protesting Monday’s arrest.

Do you think it really takes 13 to 14 police to mace, beat and kick one man to arrest him? Are the police a bit too much at times? Or do you think that he deserved it considering he tried to resist arrest?

See the video HERE

If you need help with abusive police contact Copwatchoea.org an advocacy group for the people.


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