How was your work week? Word? Mine too.

Let me start off by saying that this was a VERY trying week.

What am I saying? Every week – heck, every DAY – is trying when you are on a weight loss mission. But this week was on 10!

For one, it was my birthday week. (Yes, I am 21 and loving it!)

But there was cake floating around the office and my home for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT, and I had to walk away each day.

Was it easy?

Look at my face…

Of course it wasn’t easy. Especially when I plan the b-day parties for everyone in the office. (Not to mention I ordered J.R. Crickets for the party and you know EVERYONE loves lemon pepper wings. So there were seven little happy wings on my plate which I enjoyed thoroughly).

Also, I am a stress eater/non-eater.

Raise your hand if you fall in this category.

Just as I suspected, there are A LOT of us.

Others may be saying, “Learical – What do you mean stress eater/non-eater? Either you eat when you are stressed or you don’t.”


We all have different levels of stress, and it depends what level of stress I am in.

Extreme level of stress = NO FOOD
High level of stress = American Deli wings w/ Philly Cheese COMBO (extra mayo & cheese) & peanut butter Snicker. (I mean, two of them).
Moderate level of stress = Turkey and cheese sandwich (two slices of cheese) w/ Flaming Hot Chips (the entire bag) & Sprite
Low level of stress = Chicken Strip Salad from Chick-fil-A w/ ranch dressing (two packs)

This week was moderate.

I’ve been trying to get in the 200s for the past three weeks now, and NO CIGAR.

This morning when I weighed in I was 300.3. So I stepped on the scale again because I figured maybe I moved the wrong way and I needed to be still.

But again, 300.3.

You know what? Maybe it picked up some noise from Candace Nicole’s desk because she is typing pretty hard, so let me try again.

And again, 300.3.

I am determined to hit the 200s next week! What are you determined to accomplish?

Blog to ya soon!


Name: Learical Jonez
Starting Weight: 315
Weight at Week 7: 300.3 (For the zillionth time!)
Diets that worked: Dramatic Weight Loss
Diets that did not work: EVERYTHING ELSE
What I discovered I like: Juicing
What I discovered I didn’t like: Can you repeat the question? I don’t
understand what you mean. I’m a fat girl. We like just about everything so you will have to
ask your question a little better.
Favorite exercise: Walking
Favorite workout song: Any workout mix by DJ Baby Yu (#TURNUP!)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)


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