You may not be familiar with all the commandments, but surely you’ve heard “honor thy mother and father.”

It’s pretty self explanatory, but then again so are most of the commandments: Thou shall not kill, steal, lie.

Those are the basics, but honoring your mother and father seems pretty simple too, right?

Honor the people who brought you into this world; take care of mommy and daddy. It’s amazing how many of us not only don’t honor our mother and father, but outright disrespect them and even worse.

I hear people talk about how their parents are so annoying and they did this and they do that and they demand so much of their time and they’re a burden – well shame on you.

I lost my mother, my best friend, my protector, supporter and biggest fan in December of 2000 and I’d give anything to have her annoy me one more time.

Growing up the baby of three boys I became “mama’s little boy” and it’s a title I’ll gladly wear. My mom and I did everything together. We shared the world and our problems and no matter what happened during those tough times she was there to guide me through it.

When I was younger, I didn’t quite appreciate the relationship because I was just like any other smart-ass teenager who thought he knew everything.

As I grew up a little more I began to develop a closer bond with my mother; especially after her and my dad separated when I was seventeen. I was a high school drop-out with no direction in life, but with mom by my side I began to turn things around and started getting my life together.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but I have the greatest memories of childhood including wonderful Christmases, family get-togethers, fun with my brothers, trips to Disney World (which is probably why I’m hooked on Disney as an adult), and so much more.

I joke about it all the time, but my Mom was my drinking buddy. We would go the beach and play bingo while sipping a few frosty PBRs and just enjoy each other’s company.

Photo courtesy of Crash D

Photo courtesy of Crash D

I was just looking through some old photos and in every one of them my mother has a smile on her face and usually a fishing pole and a beer in her hand. All the kids in neighborhood hung out at my house and it was never Mrs. Clark, it was always “Mom” to everyone.

Her bowling name may seem a bit disrespectful, but this was her sense of humor: She was known as Mrs. S@#T-A$$.

Look, everybody has their own relationship; and who knows, maybe your mom or dad weren’t exactly the best parents and left you on a doorstep with a note marked “FACTORY REJECT.”

I’m not here to say that you MUST atone for any wrongdoing between you and your parents, but if you are one of those on the outside looking in where your relationship with your mother is strained for whatever reason, just take a step back and be the better person. Make a phone call, send a card, an e-mail, or a text. Just reach out in some small way and honor your mother this Mother’s Day.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss my mother. She was taken from us way too soon at 73; and while part of me thinks I should have stayed in Miami and spent more time with her, I eventually had to make my life up here in Atlanta and for that she was forever proud of me.

For those of you enjoying your mom on Mother’s day, give her an extra hug, take a few more pictures and really enjoy the times you have.

Photo courtesy of Crash D

Photo courtesy of Crash D

For those of you who are on the outside looking in, again, make that effort. It may or may not work out, but at least you tried.

And for those of us who have lost our mothers, do something nice to honor their memory. Me, I’ll sit back and have a cold PBR and reflect on the wonderful times we had fishing, playing bingo, going to Disney, and just enjoying life.

I’m not in a hurry to see her, but I want to make sure when we are reunited with God that she’s proud of the rest of the life I led and I tell her I tried to carry on her message of love, compassion, and understanding towards everyone.

Mother’s Day means something different to everyone. To me, it’s never forgetting the love I shared with my Mom and always honoring what she gave to me.

My father is 89-years-old and nobody lives forever, but all the life lessons my mother taught me have helped forge a better relationship with my father that keeps us very close today. That’s why when I visit him in Ocala, Florida to play a few holes of golf, I hug him a little longer and take a few extra pictures.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day Mom –
I love you.

(P.S. Please pardon the incredibly horrible mullet I have in these pictures, I was young and stupid).


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