Many agents are honorable and worth their weight in gold. But just as in every field of occupation, you have professionals who work at different performance levels: outstanding, good, average or poor.

Then, there is that worrying small percentage of agents who are downright incompetent.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are reasonably inexperienced when it comes to buying or selling a property. They rely greatly on the “perceived” ability of the agent they are dealing with. Be sure that you are interviewing your agent for the job. This is probably the most important purchase you’ll make in your life. You want to make sure the person representing you is truly qualified.

Ask questions like are they a full or part time agent? How long have they been licensed? Have they received any awards for sales? Are they a “neighborhood” specialist?

But what is most important is their work ethic! 

This brings me to the four qualities that signify that you may have an excellent realtor working with you:

1)    Ability to focus their complete time and attention upon you and your needs

2)    Ability to listen and to respond to what you want, not just what they want to sell you

3)    Willingness to go the extra mile to help a buyer find the right home or to sell a listing

4)    Putting honesty and ethics before any personal gain

Those are really the things that are most important!  I don’t care how many million dollars of sales an agent had last year, or if they were the top realtor in their office, or if they promise to work hard for you, or even if they look like Chris Brown or Kim Kardashian.  All of that still doesn’t make someone a great realtor!

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