It feels like just yesterday I was rubbing my belly and wondering what she would look like, what her voice would sound like, what motherhood would feel like.

And now …

Today marks the end of my baby girl Kendall’s first week in nursery school! Boy time really flies.

On Monday, her daddy and I took her into class for the first time and she clung to our legs like white on rice. She was curious about the other children, but not ready to venture off by herself.

So we waited for about 30 minutes with her as she watched all of the children play and interact.

I noticed immediately that Kendall was the tallest in her class. All of the other babies only came up to her shoulder.

Did I have her in the right classroom?

Turns out she was exactly where she needed to be. (Perhaps it was all of that peanut butter I ate during pregnancy – LOL)

Her teacher told all the kids to gather around for story time and I was astounded to see how cooperative all of the children were. Kendall wandered by herself to the back of the classroom to play by herself. I could tell she was starting to warm up.

Eventually she found her way over to the circle time with the other children. YES! Now I could slip out the door and get to work.

When I went to pick her up at the end of the day, I was looking forward to seeing her run towards me with a huge “MOMMYYYYY” – but to my surprise I was greeted with a huge “NOOOOOOOO.”

How could it be? In a matter of seven hours, my baby girl turned into a big girl.

She didn’t want to come to me, didn’t want to go home, only wanted to stay with the teacher and play.¬†Although I felt a bit rejected (LOL), I was also relieved that we got her over one of her milestones gracefully and super successfully.

Yesterday her teacher wrote a letter and stuck it in her bag. It said: “We are very proud of Kendall. She had a great first week! Kendall played nicely with the other children and cooperated with the teachers. She also made friends very quickly with a little girl named Sacred who has Down syndrome. Kendall is very protective of her. When a little boy pushed Sacred down for a toy, Kendall jumped in front of her to protect her and told him “NO!” Kendall will do just fine here.”

That’s my BABY!

Mommy moments are so precious.

* Here she is styling and profiling yesterday:

kendall school 1


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