What was the more shocking Rihanna moment Sunday night at The American Music Awards?

That the 25-year-old was presented an ICON Award? Or that she was actually wearing a “doobie wrap” when she accepted it?

Now the “doobie wrap” is not a new hairstyle; it is one that is usually worn at bedtime by ethnic women, such as myself. And usually it is never worn in public. (Though I have seen women in public rocking the doobie wrap before and I felt like it was very inappropriate; or “ratchet,” for lack of better words).

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Which might me sound like a hypocrite right now because I actually liked the look on Rihanna.

Is it because Rihanna is a rock star she gets a pass to do outrageous things at times?

I do think the ability to wear a doobie in public depends on your profession. On a teacher, lawyer or a news anchor I do not think it would not be appropriate. But there is at least one person who – at least in Rihanna’s case – would go even further than that. They’re upset.

The manager for Jamaican artist Patwa (who I have never heard of) claims Rihanna stole the look from her. The manager says that while Patwa was trying to ink a deal with Roc Nation back in 2011 they ran into Rihanna and she loved Patwa’s hairstyle – and even asked where she got it styled. That same manager says Patwa was never signed to Roc Nation because it supposedly thought her doobie wrap look was not something mainstream America would accept, and it was suggested she change her style. Patwa reportedly refused to conform,

I’m not sure if Patwa’s manager is telling the truth, but there is a picture circulating of Patwa in said doobie wrap.

Whether Rihanna stole the look or not, what are your feelings on it?


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