Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to going beyond and taking initiative.

If we really want our dreams to come true we are going to have to go out and make them a reality. Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it.

There’s a quote that goes: “Most people spend more time planning their grocery shopping than designing their future. The basic difference between people who live their dreams and those who only dream about how they would live, are the accuracy of their plans, their ability to generate new ideas, and their ability to take action.”

On your journey towards living the life of our dreams it is important that we realize that no one will EVER give us anything!

Anything we accomplish will be in large part due to the initiative we take and your ability to follow through. Most of us could do anything we choose to do if we had the courage to go a little further than what we’re used to.

Go above and beyond, instead of doing just enough. Take what you deserve!

At every opportunity, go a little beyond what you know you can do. Soon you will confidently know you can do anything you choose.


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