Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change!

How can our perception change when what we are feeding ourselves has no brain nutritional value?

Imagine if someone had nothing but Big Macs and French fries from McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they did no exercise but were on a mission to lose weight.

They look at themselves in the mirror and think positive thoughts about how they will look when the pounds come off. And while the vision is a step in the right direction, without the action of changing their eating and exercise habit, it is next to impossible for them to see any significant change.

This is exactly what happens with some of us as we journey towards greatness!

Somehow we tell ourselves we want to live a better life but are not willing to give up the destructive behaviors of what we watch, who we spend our time with, and so on and so forth. If we continue to feed our mind with the same destructive things that stopped us from greatness in the past, we will continue to get the same results – but this time with more frustration because we are consciously trying to be better!

Be careful of what you feed yourself (physically and mentally) because they both have a great impact on which way your life will go!

“The soul does not absorb negativity by accident, always by choice.”


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