Mo Ivory: No Justice For Jordan Davis (Despite Killer Receiving Life Sentence)

You heard the verdict.

Did it make you sick to your stomach? Were you relieved the killer, Michael Dunn, will stay behind bars for decades and essentially received a life sentence?

My answer? Yes, to both questions.


Dunn was charged with five separate counts; first degree murder of Davis, three attempted second degree murder charges for the other three teens in the car and the fifth count of shooting into an automobile. He was found guilty of the last four but not the first one – the premeditated killing of Davis.

For this count, the jury was hung. They could not agree. They could not find basis in the law to convict him of the murder nor could they find a basis for acquitting him based on the notion of self-defense.

I thought the claim of self-defense was ridiculous from the beginning. How are you defending yourself from or against an unarmed teenager at a gas station filled with people?

If you didn’t like the music, why didn’t you drive away and go to another gas station or just move to another spot in that same gas station? Why didn’t you go into the gas station and buy the wine like a gentleman rather than sending your girlfriend in?

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn, were looking for an altercation, the same way your comrade George Zimmerman was when he stalked Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in February.

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn, have a preconceived notion about young black men listening to rap music. They are automatically “thugs” in your mind before a single act of thuggery has even been acted out.

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn, represent the idea that white men are not to ever be disrespected by young black men AT ANY TIME, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn, felt it was your job, your responsibility, to teach four young black men a lesson – the day after they celebrated Thanksgiving with their families. (And by the way, their families loved them as much as your family loved each other when they were celebrating a wedding the same day).

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn, have read and learned about the self-defense and Stand Your Ground defenses in the state of Florida and you drove away from the scene knowing already that you would use those tools when your day in court arrived.

Maybe because you, Michael Dunn – like so many others – believe the stereotypes about black men and boys, feel justified in behaving toward them in a hostile manner and if necessary, killing them to unleash your pent-up anger.


In the meantime, Jordan’s parents and family along with the Florida State’s Attorney’s office will work to retry you for the premeditated murder of an unarmed teenager who would have graduated from high school with a bright future awaiting him.

And when you are convicted, you will get an additional life sentence and then Jordan Davis can really rest in peace. But his memory and the meaning of his life and his death will linger on as we continue to fight for justice in a system that is wrought with loudly unspoken racial overtones.

After you get settled in your cell and put your orange overalls up, pray for Jordan Davis’ family because ironically, they are praying for you.


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