Now everyone knows I’m the resident Love and Hip Hop guru. I do my thang on these reviews and ya’ll love it. I was supposed to hit ya’ll with this tea days ago, but the tape came out (you know what tape) and I just had to fall back. I need my job. But hey it’s safe to come out and play so let me tell ya’ll what’s really going on!

So let’s talk about the other poor attempts to extend the 15 minutes of fame that have been so graciously handed out.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc. I know ya’ll saw her tell Joc when he comes home he smells like fish! Hahaha! I’m still weak. Girl we all know that’s your play boyfriend. Ain’t he married? Doesn’t he have a girlfriend already? Yes! Karlie Redd is the chick on the side of the side. But see I’ve grown to love Karlie Redd she has really grown as an actress on this show. Someone should really cast her in an independent film. You know the ones that go straight to DVD or Youtube. I’m just saying the reggaeton and hair line flopped so she needs to go back to her roots.

benzino shot [VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didnt Show You!

I don’t know how the hell Benzino managed to get shot in time to make the trailer for the show! The reality show GODS have been working in his favor cause we all know he was a blink away from going back to wherever the hell he was before the show started. Now he has a sexy little “fiancee” Thi Thi who is an aspiring singer. The song she released was trash, but since she’s cute I give it a C+! But I’m excited to see these two together. You know he’s a sucker for love and Karlie never really liked him. She was just scheming to get money to get her booty shots and breast implants corrected by Dr. J. Curves.


Now I’m just a little confused by this next one. Bambi jumped off Basketball Wives LA. She jumped on Benzino then jumped to Scrappy then got pregnant, lost the baby, and just in time to make it to Miami with this new man that looks like Arab money. I see several things wrong with this. I know damn well Bambi older than 30 no matter what she says. So I know she’s not playing these little young girl games allowing herself to get knocked up by some rapper with funny money (Erica and Shay called him broke- NOT ME! That’s my friend!) I’m just saying- business woman to business woman she would have trapped “Black Santa” first and the other basketball players I’ve seen her out with. We hustle smarter not harder over her. But anyways I still don’t like her, I’m just ready to see this fight scene. Scrappy got all the women and Erica is rumored to be pregnant and Shay Johnson is for sure pregnant so what is he doing over there? It just makes me wonder…Hmmm…

Sidenote: Shay is not pregnant. After further research I found out she has put on about 50lbs due to the break up with Scrappy, but don’t worry because she’s back in the gym and just bought a waist shaper. She promises to keep the waist shaper on until further notice so there will be no confusion.

waka flocka tammy rivera [VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didnt Show You!

Waka Flocka and his fiancee replaced Tracy Steel and Baby Drew! Thank GOD! They were worse than a Somaya Reese performance. They were worse than all Joseline outfits. But anyway, word on the street is Waka is going broke so his girl had to get a job. Now ya’ll ain’t heard that from me. “They” said that. Tammy Rivera is her name! She’s an aspiring fashion designer (another instagram boutique owner). She had a fashion show recently and I saw maybe one or two nice pieces. At one point she was an aspiring singer. I mean maybe he is going broke if he’s going to pimp her out on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to be with all that fighting and they’re supposed to be in a happy space and ready to jump the broom. Child who knows. You saw her being friendly with Joseline then switching sides when Mimi put a little bug in her ear to watch out. I can already see this ending badly. Tammy take some advice, don’t be two faced cause Mimi got hit in the face and Joseline done hit several people. You better get with the winning team like Joseline said!

mimifaustnikko [VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didnt Show You!

Now Mimi and Nikko I just can’t deal with! This video tape looks like fully produced adult film. Yes, I saw it and you did too. If you didn’t we’ll talk later and I’ll send you the clips. But these two… I’m speechless. So they sold the tape to Vivid (or Vivid shot and produced it) to avoid it being leaked FOR FREE! Well, they had to do something. They really don’t have a story line and they can’t keep riding Stevie J and Joseline’s coat tail so there you have it! Rumor has it they made $100,000! Well, that means they made $50,000 a piece so after taxes they each walked away with about $29,000! I don’t think it was worth it…

Joseline and Stevie are still the reigning champs! They are the stars! I love them! But I hope they don’t let that go to their heads like Chrissy and Mr. Jones did. Cause you will soon find out that we like ya’ll WITH the group. A wedding special would be great! No… I’m lying. We don’t care. But we loooooove you on the show! Still waiting on that marriage certificate, but we ain’t trippin cause this was a classic ghetto love story and we gon let ya’ll have ya’ll moment.

Damn I forgot about Kirk and Rasheeda! Let me forget again!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs May 5th at 8p on VH1!

Stay Tuned…

Nonie B.


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