By Ramona DeBreaux

I remember the moment of silence before school began way back when. I didn’t think much of it then but as an adult I realize if we took those few seconds of time out here and there, it would make the difference between road rage and even worse regret.

Just imagine that you had a “time out” button in your vehicle and someone cut you off in traffic. That few seconds would make the difference between your temper rising and you reacting out of emotion or you just brushing it off and going about your way.

Let’s jump now to Russell Simmons‘ new book Success Through Stillness.

Russell Simmons always seems to find a way to break down truth and spirituality in terms that everyone can understand no matter how wealthy you are or whatever your level of education is.  I can’t lie, when I think of meditation in the pop cultural sense, I think of Hollywood’s silly spoofs of the Dali Lama or Buddah.  However I can not deny history, nor can I deny the stark difference in friends I know who have started to purge and pray so I intrinsically understand there’s so much more to learn.

When it comes to taking advice, I try to fill my spirit with teachers from all walks of life. I especially admire those who have remained humble, have a willingness to share their experiences & who understand there is still more to learn.

Russell Simmons is one of those people.  I can only hope that I can achieve the level of wisdom that he and others have one day, but as they will tell you they, themselves, are still learning.  So thank you @UncleRush for sharing..I appreciate your journey!

Listen to the full Russell Simmons interview and Check out his book Success Through Stillness!

Also check out his previous book about following your bliss to get wealthy  Super Rich here.


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