The Game doesn’t like your new generation of hip-hop — he made that much clear in his new single “Bigger Than Me” earlier this week, which denounced newer rappers who weren’t on the level of their predecessors while calling out, among others, the entire XXL freshmen cover.

Just two days later, there’s a video for the song, and things get even more real inside the dark, dilapidated mansion setting.

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“Bigger Than Me” finds the rapper sitting on a throne, surrounded by photos of some of his peers — Tupac, Jay Z and 50 Cent among them.

Meanwhile, an unnamed person — shall we consider him an up-and-coming rapper? — weaves in and out of the house, apparently on the run from something, or someone.

The song features chainsaw sound effects, which are not lost in the video version. The Game menacingly stalks through the house, wielding a chainsaw in some suggestive slashing motions. By the end of the video, the fleeing guy is dead — and one definitely knows who killed him, all as the elder statesmen of rap’s photos look on.



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