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Coachella 2015 will forever be remembered as the year that Madonna crashed Drake’s Sunday night headlining show with her own three-song set that culminated with the Material Girl shocking Drake and the world by planting an aggressive kiss on the unsuspecting rapper.

From the moment the Drake-Madonna kiss beamed out around the world via the Coachella live stream, social media immediately exploded with a range of reactions, from shock to amusement and everything in between.

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Some responded to the how Madonna took over the moment, pushing Drake’s hand away so he had no choice but to lock lips with the notorious pop superstar. Others focused on Drake’s immediate reaction to the kiss, making what appeared to be a grimace and covering his mouth as if to wipe away any traces of Madonna’s lips.

No matter what the reaction, there were plenty to choose from across all forms of social media, with a rash of memes sprouting across the internet making the most of the kiss heard ’round the world.



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