By Ryan Cameron

Today, somebody’s got to say something is about crime. Not just any crime, but black on black crime. The definition of crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that is prosecuted by the state, is punishable by law, but that’s not the kind of crime I’m talking about. The black on black crime I’m speaking about is the other definition, An action or activity that although not illegal is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong.

The black on black crime I’m speaking of is “blacks against blacks,” the deeply rooted mentality that “in order for you to win, I’ve got to lose.” Instead of coming together and pooling our resources, our mentality is competition instead of comradery. In a meeting that I had recently… the person I was speaking with was very knowledgeable and asked “what is one thing that God will make no more of?” I said  “I don’t know.” Their answer… “Land.” The opportunity for us to purchase land has got to be something that we instill in ourselves as well as in our children, families, friends and colleagues.


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