By Ramona DeBreaux

It’s fair to say that most parents are just a little bias when it comes to their children’s talent. I mean, they are talented to you because it is quite profound to see your little one even bobble their head to music.

So how do you know if your child is truly meant for the stage or big screen?

Lynn Stallings of Atlanta Workshop Players joined Ramona DeBreaux for a Special Edition of Casting Calls to weigh in on the subject.

AWP, The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, family-friendly Performing Arts Company and Film School Conservatory provides professional-level training in a non-competitive atmosphere for all ages.

Lynn assured Ramona “Some kids really are stars!” Check out the tips for parents below:



Lynn Stallings-Executive Director of Atlanta Workshop Players answers common questions below:

How do parents know their kid REALLY has potential as an actor.

Motivation is a big part of it. If they are constantly

Acting things out…. or creating their

Own characters.  Consistently saying “I wanna be

On TV”….,

You’ll Know they have skill if they keep getting cast in

Major roles at school……if their acting

Teachers say they could do this professionally.

IF they’re practicing a scene and it seems so REAL

that you think they are just talking and YOU enter

into their conversation, you know they can act.

How to get them ready for a professional career. 

To Prepare:

Get them in CLASSES.  Acting for stage and screen are

Very different.  If they want a career on Broadway

(That can happen.  We had 3 kids cast in leading

roles on Broadway this spring).  They would need

to be in Musical Theatre classes.

IF they want a career in TV/Film

they need On-Camera classes.  The biggest complaint

that I hear from casting directors is that the actors

in the south are “TOO BIG” for screen.  Acting on

screen is intimate. It’s just a different style

and requires training.

How to do parents handle rejection & or success?

It’s a mind-set.  Auditions are not about getting that

particular job.  It’s about ‘owning the room’ and showing

that you belong in the industry.  Go in prepared and do

what you love to do…..which is act!  You are actually

auditioning for every role that the casting directors

will ever cast.  They are looking at you for future projects.

Each audition is an investment in your career.

So, it doesn’t matter if you get cast in this role at all.

Knowing that takes the pressure off.

When you have successes…..that’s a bonus!  Be

excited and grateful and now you can begin to open

doors for your creative friends!  Treat everyone with

honor and respect.  The cast, crew, the doorman,

the parking attendant, your family, friends. Success

and visibility give you a element of power.  Use that

power for good!

What steps should parents take to prepare children for the entertainment business?

a)  Train AND get experience:  make your own movies, do

student films….practice your craft.

b)  Get promotional materials together-Need professional

headshots & resume.  EVENTUALLY performers will need a

video demo reel and a voice over reel to present yourself

as a ‘pro’.  These consist of edited clips of professional

work you have done.  If you don’t have professional work

yet, you can have a demo reel professionally created

by a pro.  It needs good sound, good lighting and to be

shot on location so that it looks & feels like a TV show or


c)  Actors are submitted for auditions online, so it’s

important to Join the actors online services such


NOW CASTING.  They are not very expensive

And they are necessary.

d)  So once you have developed skills and gotten

promotional materials together & are on the actor

sites, then its time to GET AN AGENT.

e)  Once you get an agent, know you are a TEAM and

you can’t just sit back and wait for them to do all

the work. Constantly look for projects shooting in

the area. Look for Breakdowns on Actor’s Access & Voice 123.

f)   And be gracious!  Nurture your relationships!  Be the

easiest person on the planet to work with.  Thank

everybody. AND HAVE FUN!


So there’s your Crash course in how to launch an acting career.


You can get a great start at Atlanta Workshop Players’ VIP Movie Camp later this month.  Make movies, earn IMDB credits for your resume, Audition for Casting Directors & Agents, take classes, see shows, perform and make life-long friends!



AWP Hotline:  770-998-8111

AWP is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization


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