By Annie Reuter

The beef between Joe Budden and Drake continues as the two artists continue to take jabs at each other in song. This time Budden is on the offensive again. The rapper released “Afraid” over the weekend as a response to Drake’s guest verse on French Montana’s previously released “No Shopping.”

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On the nearly six-minute piano-based track, Budden raps of his fallout with Drizzy: “I just feel like you broke a promise to me/ Only hurt ’cause I thought you were being honest with me/ So I’m gonna to try and do this honorably.”

Budden and Drake’s conflict began back in May after Budden dissed Drizzy’s new album Views, saying that he sounded “real f—in’ uninspired.” A week later, French Montana shared a clip of a new Drake collaboration called “No Shopping,” which he released in full this weekend. The 10-second video revealed the intro: “Pump, pump, pump it up” – a reference to Budden’s biggest hit from 2003.

Budden previously told Pitchfork that he never intended to start a beef with the rapper. Instead, he wanted to spark his competitive artistic side.

“I’m tired of rappers addressing things in every other manner in passion but rap.”

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