By Amanda Wicks

As a rapper, Method Man made the choice to be in the spotlight, accepting all the good and bad that follows from that level of visibility. But he has worked hard to keep his wife out of it in order to maintain some privacy at home. After all, she didn’t exactly sign up for a lifestyle that often involves constant surveillance and scrutiny. When a writer breached that line and published a picture of his wife, Method decided to quit social media.

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After Farrah Gray posted a photo of Method’s wife on his website in a post titled “We Finally Have a Photo of Method Man’s Beautiful Wife,” Method grew protective of her and begged Gray to take it down (XXL). In a series of tweets, Method grew more upset that Gray didn’t respond to his request. “I’ll ask again could u Please take it down, if u hv any decency in u. Please!” he wrote. “I guess follows n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency…Smh.” he added. “I’m done with it maybe the ppl can get at em and help him understand. if not meh!”

After he failed to get a response, he decided to be done with it all. “I’m done with social media until further notice. I’ve lost faith in human decency and will not feed trolls any longer. F— u all. 1,” he wrote. Gray has since removed the photo, and Method has since deleted his tweets, but only time will tell if he will return and stay in touch with fans through Twitter and various outlets.

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