By Rahul Lal

DJ Khaled released his new album Major Key. On it, Khaled takes a stab at reuniting New York’s biggest names, artists of different genres and even gets real when it comes to issues plaguing communities these days. Below are a few of our favorite tracks from today’s release.

“Holy Key” (feat. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Betty Wright)

Topical? Check. Great beat? Check. A hook that takes you to church? Definitely a check. Big Sean starts off the song on a serious note and sets the tone with the rest of his verse. The song takes a stance against police brutality and provides a refreshing sense of reality from the always-real Kendrick Lamar. Trust me; this song lives up to the hype.

“Jermaine’s Interlude” (feat. J. Cole)

This song sounds almost nothing like the rest of the album. In a totally fitting way, J. Cole hits on every topic on everything from police brutality, pain and not selling out to labels that dictate your career. We’re still waiting on your next album Jermaine.

“Don’t Ever Play Yourself” (feat. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes & Kent Jones)

I feel like I just tripped and fell into a time when New York was still at the top of the rap game giving you some serious vibes as DJ Khaled would say. In this song, you can hear the grit that made these rappers into New York legends and the part that I enjoy the most is that they didn’t sacrifice their classic sound to fit today’s way-too-popular sound.

“For Free” (feat. Drake)

A song that has already made some serious damage on the charts, Drake and Khaled team up to make a song that you’ll hear probably twice every hour on your radio. This song is super catchy and Drake’s verse gives hip-hop heads a flashback to the good ol’ days of Too $hort blowing that whistle.

Nas Album Done (feat. Nas)

It’s always nice to hear a Nas feature these days and he give us a little feel of that old-school Nas on a new-school beat. While donning some of DJ Khaled’s signature catch phrases, Nas shows why he’s one of the legends of the game with his impeccable flow and deadly rhymes. Plus, his album is done, just wait and see.

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