It looks like the settlement with his ex-landlord was just the beginning.

By Robyn Collins

Now that rapper Tyga has settled a $480,000 lawsuit with his former landlord, his ex-jeweler is hoping to recover $270,000.

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Jeweler Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills claims that the rapper has owed him big money since 2012, reports People.

Arasheben says that in August 2012, Tyga (born Michael Ray Stevenson) agreed to pay $28,275 for the a diamond pantheon watch, but never did, and that four months later the rapper borrowed a $63,000 diamond Cuban link chain that was never returned.

The jeweler originally filed suit in 2013 to try to collect $185,306.50 in costs and late fees. The total rose again in January 2014, when a judge entered a default judgment against Tyga, ordering him to pay $208,334.47. At the time, Tyga’s rep said the situation was “all a misunderstanding,” reports People. The judgment has still not been paid and with the added costs the current total is “in excess of $270,000” in damages, interest and attorney fees.

So Arasheben has hired Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon from Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo, the same lawyers that just settled case between Tyga and his former landlord Gholamreza Rezai.

“We are going to make a demand on him and, depending on how he responds, we will proceed that way,” Abir tells People. “If he says, ‘Okay, let’s get the client paid,’ we do it quickly and, if not, we have to go through some of the same exact hoops as we did [with Rezai]. We are trying to resolve this privately, without resorting to enforcement mechanisms. If that fails, we will utilize all tools available to enforce our client’s rights.”

Last week, while Tyga was on vacation with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, a judge ordered a warrant out for his arrest since he failed to show up in court for a case regarding the money he owed his former landlord. A settlement was made with Rezai and the warrant was rescinded.

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