By Amanda Wicks

Danny Brown has tapped some big names to feature on his latest single “Really Doe.” Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul all lend rhymes to the laidback track with teeth, which appears on Brown’s forthcoming album Atrocity Exhibition.

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With the higher register of a xylophone juxtaposing the lower register of the chill beat Brown raps against, he leads off the track coming in fast and fierce before Lamar’s vocals lend everything an extra-relaxed vibe oh the chorus.

It’s been three years since Brown has released a new album, with his last being 2013’s Old. Speaking with Rolling Stone about writing his newest, he said he didn’t want to rush on the album. “At the end of the day, its just something that I really took my time with,” he said. “I know this day and age, a lot of artists can’t really take time off to make music…they’ll get replaced. With me, [I’m] somebody that’s able to sit down and be able to take my time, ’cause aint nobody gonna be out here sounding like me, ain’t nobody gonna be out here doing what I do.”

Atrocity Exhibition drops September 30. Listen to “Really Doe” on Warning, explicit lyrics.

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